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PF The Depths of Mythiarta


It has been 3 days since the assassination of the mighty King Leo, tyrant ruler of the nation and its likewise named capital Mythiarta. Darkness has fallen upon the city. A shadow cast from the looming army of the Aide Cruse, a conglomeration of nations that has either convinced or crushed every force that has stood before it. Its span now surpassing half the continent, it has now seemingly set its eyes upon Mythiarta. The proud King Leo used his last moments in this world to rebuke the ominous war machine's offer of peace and assimilation. Now all that is left is damnation.

No news has crept through the weary city. Its as if that moment of attack that cost so many of its citizens their lives has frozen time in place. To one that had yet to hear of the incident it would almost seem a day like any other. The calm before the storm. Made all the more unsettling by the lack of reaction to it. With faith in the upper leadership wavering, the people of Mythiarta have taken it upon themselves to hold town hall meetings on each of the levels to discus an apparently grim future.

[sblock=Level 3: The Aristocratic Plate] In the third highest plate of the city is an almost festive atmosphere. Celebrating the life and successes of their recently past king rather than looking toward their imminent future, their is an heir of denial to any who have an urge to look. While following suit with the other plates in having a meeting, they dress it up as a huge party. Once the evening's entertainment winds down speakers take the floor.
The first is Dominique Squal, the most successful business owner in Mythiarta. He proudly steps forward and declares that the citizens of plate 3 have been given the great honor of administrating the city. The ruling nobles from the second plate have relinquished their responsibilities in order to go through the honored process of selecting the new king. As per tradition the second plate will be completely sealed off, and all city matters will be channeled through the Aristocratic Plate. As the beacon of economic success in the region, Squal has been given the position of Grand Administrator and he has begun the selection process to build a functional and efficient council to aid him in running the city. Anyone seeking a nomination to these positions should see him directly for his consideration.
The next speaker is a royal representative from the countries military forces. He says he has been "ordered" to request military aid from the city. In contrast he believes that the city is the most defensive fortress known to man and that makes it the best place to wait out the invasion. Even so, he is obligated to ask if anybody is willing to spare any guards to assist the war against Aide Cruse in the rest of the country.
The final important presentation of the night comes from the cities head technical engineer. He explains that the stair bridge to the higher levels of the city has been rendered inert due to the complete destruction of its gears at the top. Such damage could be fixable if they had the parts but the extensive damage greatly exceeded the amount of spare parts they had prepared. The only course of action is to dismantle the higher levels of the stairs until after the war has been resolved. This will keep access to the Aristocratic Plate restricted and allow them to maintain security.
After the meeting resolves, the crowd of attendants disperses drunk, full, and happy with their new found status. [/sblock]

[sblock=Level 4: The Wealthy Plate] The town hall meeting is a very casual affair, with no particular individual orchestrating the events. People step up one at a time to speak their concerns and debate their opinions. Of the many that voice their concerns, a select few are able to bring up important concerns with enough intellect and charisma to fuel a reasonable discussion.
The first is an ex-farmer who had become a successful landowner throughout the country with a great deal of hard work and luck. He brings up the fact that while the city itself has enough food to last its population for years, the food is stored in the upper plates of the city. There are rumors that the nobility has sealed themselves off in order to hide from the impending invasion. If there is no traffic between layers, the food based security measures that helped hold control over the population could very well lead to its starvation.
Next in the line of noteworthy speakers is the police commander of the fourth plate. He informs the people that crime is skyrocketing following the attack as police are attempting to fix the damage and prepare for a siege from Aide Cruse. Looting, killing, and theft are becoming serious issues especially as you get lower and lower throughout the plates.
The final man to speak that night shocked the entire crowd with his presence. He was Theodore Mundo, a general is Mythiarta's army. He tells all the citizens that the city is being surrounded and blocked off from the rest of the country. The way out will be cut off in less than a day, but those who wish to join him and fight can slip out and join the main army forces. He bluntly mentions that despite its great resources the incompetence of the ruling class will make the city completely unable to withstand a siege for long. Any attempts at fixing the cities problems at this point are just wasted efforts compared to the much more reasonable goal of winning the overall war and to do that will require as much manpower and resources that they can muster. He implores any citizen with true love and regard for their families or country to come with him and fight where they might actually be of assistance. He thanks everyone for their time and the meeting disperses, leaving the attendees with some serious issues to consider. [/sblock]

[sblock=Plate 5: The Comfortable Plate] The air is tense as the citizens get together for their meeting. Normally Plate 6 is the only access point to the city, giving a feeling of detachment during any conflict. But the situation with the stair bridge has thrown a wrench into the works. Due to the damage done in the attack, the bridge cannot close or retract anymore. To make matters worse, the top layers have begun dismantling the bridge for all layers ABOVE Plate 5. This means that the invading army can attack up to Plate 5 directly without needing to scale the walls. The commander of the defense forces, Don Savalle, has taken it upon himself to oversee the meeting. There is not a lot of questioning allowed as he mostly just reports to the people the dire situation.
In short all the police and guards have banded together for the specific purpose of defending against the siege on the city. The people are to be organised into militias and given the task of self policing until the crisis is over. He mentions that their are rumors going around that dark shadow beasts are creeping around the lower levels of the city and that these rumors are just a result of the fear of the siege everyone is about endure. No mind is to be payed to them, though IF anything strange should occur it is to be reported IMMEDIATELY for everyone's safety. He continues to say that food and resources will be scarce as the military will be confiscating all but the bare minimum of it in order to supply the defenders of the city.
While Don continues to speak, little flyers and handouts are discreetly dispersed amongst the crowd speaking of the need for change and reform. The reaction to these notes is subtle and no guards or police pick up on it during the meeting. [/sblock]


The most noble of the cities upper plates feel the need to serve justice to the lower levels of the city and restore order to those less fortunate. One group of such heroes, united by a random battle with a vicious and unknown foe, return from their journey down to the dark and degraded plate one. While the wounds of their quick but terrible venture in to the darkest depths heal within a day the mental scars of knowing what evil lurks below will not fade so quickly.

The one valuable victory they made was the discovery that mithril could ward off these monsters with ease, a fact shared with them by a church who aided them when they were crippled by a monsters vile poison. These strange dwellers of the lowest layer seemed quite at home with battling the evils that swarmed around them, something that could be attributed with years of exposure to it. The sightings of the shadowy beasts that stalk the streets are becoming more and more common since the day of the assassination. The situation worsens with the city's new Police Overseer who ventured down to inspect the facilities and discovered the police presence in the bottom layer all but shattered. For someone living on the third plate, the knowledge of such concerns of the lower plates was a shocking wake up call. Yet the trials faced today are but one of the many issues plaguing Mithiarta, leaving its citizens to ponder what course to take next.

[sblock=OOC] Alrighty, all pcs can begin posting actions and we can finally get this show on the road. [/sblock]


After his trip down to the depths The great Rando used his popularity as a hero to bring more crowds to his performances. While he puts on more and grander shows he does not seem to put as much heart into them.


Riled up by the terrible monstrosities in the depths of the city, actions began to be taken towards the ideal of peace and safety for all citizens of Mythiarta. Bounties have been placed upon the monsters roaming the streets in an attempt to boost the involvement of the populous. Unfortunately the cost of such a program required cutting half of the police force in the lower plates. As it stands, petty crimes are on the rise and the presence of bounty hunters has only added to the chaos. The two main goals remain strong however. The monster threat is being slowly abated and less people are being killed each day.

In another attempt to aid the police forces a new food-stamps policy has also been put into effect allowing the police to afford to feed themselves and their families. In exchange they receive less gold itself, the proceeds going to once more shore up defense in the lower plates and added incentives and danger pay programs to get more officers willing to descend into plates 1 and 2.

As the group of noble heroes suit up to head down on repeat forays to the "danger plates" ,as they are now referred, they try to push weary thoughts of the impending invasion to the back of their minds. After all, a fortress made on shaky foundations cannot stand. Best to fix the problem from below.


Once Kenzi and The Great Rando cash in their bucket of goo and get their reward, Kenzi turns to him and says "See, It is worth it. Now lets go rest up at home before we venture out again. Also you need a shower..." Laughing, Kenzi heads back home happy of her fun\successful day of cheering her friend and fellow performer up.
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