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So, my roommate who is also a regular DM for our group is making an evil campaign. In this, he is allowing us to basically do solo sessions and do our own thing to accomplish our own goals, also helps to stop a "certain someone" from messing up all of our dreams. Moving on. Essentially he has given us permission to make the strongest character we can starting at level 5 with about 5,000 gold. On to the character

So Godfried is a Suli Brawler with the Winding Path Renegade archetype. This gives him some monk features that he can use martial flexibility for and some additional features that dont matter much to the build, he just has some more flavor to him.

So this is gonna get a little math heavy, and a little bit min maxy only because of the premise put before us. We were even given a 30 point build. And told there would be some diplomacy, so sadly didnt dump CHA. Final stats after Racials and the +1 to a stat at 4th were
INT-9 (Because what brawler needs INT anyways)

The archetype replaced my 2nd level bonus feat leaving me with 4 feats. I started with the usual fighter feats such as Weapon Focus and Specialization. Until I found the style that would go on to be the shining gem of everything I could ever hope for.

Dragon Style. The style where you only really need 2 feats from it, because the 3rd has nothing to do with the previous 2.

For the uninitiated, the first part of Dragon Style (which is all I have the prereq for currently) adds 1.5 times your strength to your first unarmed strike each round. Now 2 extra damage is nothing to scoff at, its decent. Until you realize what you can do when you add 1.5 times your strength to a natural attack.

So to write this down, using strength from dragon style, weapon specialization, and an amulet of mighty fists. Our first attack is doing
1d8+10 damage.

So using Dragon style. The best combo for this is power attack. Because since you are using 1.5 times your strength on the first hit. The first hit from the power attack is also doing extra damage. So once you use power attack (assuming you hit of course) your first strike is now doing
1d8+16 damage at level 5
Assuming we use Brawler's Flurry you still have another attack after that, and gaining a third in the coming level.
So at 6th level using power attack your now 3 attacks are sitting at

So this already sounds stupid without addressing the fact. I havent mentioned what the second part of dragon style does to make this so stupid. At 8th level I'll be able to then take Dragon Ferocity. Which is where all of this gets very, very stupid.

Dragon Ferocity now adds 2 times your strength to the first hit, and 1.5 times your strength to every other hit. Which means the obnoxious damage from the power attack (which at this point is also stronger) is now added to all of your attacks, not to mention CONGRATULATIONS! Your brawler flurry now gives you a 4th attack, all of which now do 1d10 damage. So looking now at the tally of this damage, not assuming any other magic items because I have no idea what is coming, our new damage output at 8th level is sitting at

Paizo, why did you make it possible to create this monster. Like the only reason I'm doing this is because the DM has added mechanics for doing things on your own and soloing entire encounters. Because this is some very broken sh*t. And it is terrifying to look at.
Though if I've miscalculated anywhere or if there is anything I should be looking for between 5 and 8 to make this evil brawler even scarier I would love to hear your thoughts.
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Good for you. Here's hoping plenty of the problems you'll face can be solved by punching them. :)