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Sale The Dread House Bundle - Halloween Sale on DriveThruRPG!



Hey pumpkins,

Leaves are falling and the nights are getting longer. It's time to think about Halloween and horror RPGs again. We drift back to the mansion atop a dark hill just outside of a sleepy town.


On the surface the contest seems like easy money – spend a night in a supposedly haunted house. If you can last until morning you will win the house. But if it’s so easy, why has nobody been able to do it in decades? Why did a contestant die on the doorstep? Why has nobody ever been able to stay the night?

These and other ghost stories lie within the bounds of this dread book. Are you brave enough to read what’s inside? Are you brave enough to enter 🎃 The Dread House 🎃?


📘 288 pages of awesome haunted house goodness. Incredible maps. Cool art
🧙‍♂️ Content compatible with Pathfinder, 5th Edition, and Call of Cthulhu (7th ed)
🧩 2 campaigns, 19 adventures, and notes to help GMs and Keepers create the ghostly adventures they want
👀 Ghost Stories by Kevin Andrew Murphy and Richard Lee Byers that enhance the mood, background, and flavor of the two primary campaigns
🏋️‍♀️ Adventures for low and mid level characters (PF/5E), and for Investigators of any experience level (CoC). Adventures are built to be easily scaled using Dread Ghost Stat Blocks
📅 A detailed timeline of the house and the adventures within it
🕍 4 versions of haunted houses – castle size, mansion size, manor house, and shack
😰 Optional rules for Fear, Sanity, and Soul Points/Soul Damage present flavorful ways for ghosts to harm characters
👻 10 versions of Dread Ghosts of different power levels
🌠 Also spells and magic items related to these rules and ghosts
... and more!

The bundle also contains
🧰 Almost 100 PDF pages of floor tiles to build the haunted mansion you want
📜 Custom screen inserts in PDF to add to the GM tools
🎼 A beautiful and haunting music suite composed by Erdenstern

Get it all for JUST $13 - ONLY IN OCTOBER!!
🎃 The Dread House [BUNDLE] - Hammerdog Games | DriveThruRPG.com 🎃
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Halloween Horror For 5E