The Dungeons and Dragons film: Calls for shameless fan service

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I want it to be so obviously bad I have no desire to see it and be disappointed. I would find that to be a good service.

Or they can call the maguffin in the film the Gygax.


Characters/monsters who get hit a dozen times without suffering any effect and then suddenly drop from one last hit.
Characters carrying around a dozen spears in their backpack.


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The heros, walking to the entrance of Tucker Cave casually making comments along the lines of "they're just kobolds, this will be the easied job we ever took."

Followed by them running out terrified and near death.

As it says on the tin.
What shameless fan service would you want in the upcoming DnD film if you had the power to make it happen?

I want a Boba Fett level of relevance to the proceedings appearance by Warduke.
There's no better way to make sure the film sucks then to pack it full of dumb "easter eggs" for the fans. How about we get a competent script, a decent f/x budget and maybe a director who knows what D%D is? That'd be good.

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