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The Fall of Plaguestone


The group had come together some time ago but nobody seemed to know exactly where Galahad had gotten off to. Tamli recalled that he'd taken her key to Bort's wagon and after a few hours had returned it saying he'd discovered something that might be useful and was off to find the sherrif. By the time they caught up to him he was halfway up the hill on his way to the Mayor's manor.

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Hiromi was happy to be hiking up the road to the Mayor's Manor, even at the brisk pace they had set in order to catch up to Galahad. She had felt out of her depth with the investigation, having run into dead-end after dead-end. She wondered if she was cut out for this kind of thing. Her mother's derisive words when she had decided to pursue the life of a Pathfinder still stung and she worried she was nothing more than a pretty dancer - a flower to be admired but with little value. She kicked a stone, frowned, and decided that she would yet prove her worth.


Seeing the young woman's expression as she kicks the stone Silvi hops up to beside Hiromi and asks, "Hey, are you doing okay?"

Silvi looks towards Lavinia and gives a slight shrug of her shoulders. "Well, I guess we can round up our other travelling companions and check out this farmhouse," the gnome says. "You, sir, um, how about you head back to the Feedmill and stay there until we get this cleared up? I bet it would be safer there with the locals to watch your back than out here in the open."
"Agreed, let's see what this farmhouse yields in terms of clues." She paused. "But perhaps don't eat anything sweet beforehand."

Hiromi smiled at Silvi and said, "Ah, I am just frustrated that our investigations have not resulted in any strong leads. I hope this farmhouse proves eventful!"


Etran’s Folly (Plaguestone)
Summer/Day 2/1620
Weather: 10 degrees cooler than normal (warm), no wind, light rain
Round 0

The others manage to find Galahad as he is heading up the road toward the mayor’s manor. Sir Lawren Krent trails behind them, muttering to himself, drinking from a flask, and jumping at shadows.

OOC: Are you continuing on to the mayor, or going to check out the farmhouse Krent was telling you about? Or maybe try for Amora again?

Find the killer
  • Question Amora
  • Question Phinick
    • Find Phinick
  • Question Trin
  • Check out Bort’s ledgers

Help Delma out with her father, the mayor



Silvi AC 13 HP 19/19
Trevor AC 18 HP 20/20
Galahad AC 18 HP 15/15
Hiromi AC 17 HP 17/17
Varen AC 18 HP 20/20
Lavina AC 19 HP 19/19
Jewel AC 16 HP 19/19

Party XP: 150


At the sound of voices calling his name from behind, Galahad turned around to see who was following him. Realizing that the entire group had assembled and were being followed along by what was only too obviously a drunkard he guessed that they'd discovered something.

"Ahh, you all must've discovered something! I have as well and am on my way to the mayors in hopes of figuring more out. Would you all like to join me? The information we find might be useful for dealing with what we find."

I'd like to hit up the mayors just in case the info we might find is important, but if the others want to get to the mansion Galahad will go with them.

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