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The Fall of Plaguestone


Possibly a Idiot.
Idle hands. Grimsby hated them. They let the memories creep back in.

The dwarf had signed up on this caravan to work. Simple, honest, labor. Now that work was halted, and worse still, the boss was dead.

He could feel the disapproving gaze of Dranngvit, judging him, as if Grimsby himself might be a bad-luck charm.

A commotion in the marketplace interrupted Grimsby's thoughts. A goblin, chased by some from the caravan, and others.

This was it, a sign. Just like that day. Grimsby felt his heart race and his legs move without thinking as he followed. Maybe he could prevent another accident, or at least set one strait.

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"I do not know about the resources you two possess," says Silvi to Hiromi and Galahad, "...but I think I might have gone through most of my allotment of merciful blessings." The gnome kind of sheepishly kicks at the dirt a bit. "Some backup would be nice. From people, but from a nice comfy bed too!"


Hiromi nodded, "I'm exhausted! Not physically. I could do much more than this on a good day. But I've just been feeling so very low, with all that has happened. I didn't know him well, but he was kind enough to give me a job when I needed it. I miss him."


"I have a few potions left, but it's late, lets make sure everyone is at their best before we go looking for trouble. I can tend people's wounds and have a few potions left to spare today, they'll spoil if not used soon anyways. And I can make more tomorrow."

Galahad glanced down at his dirtied clothing and sighs. "Besides, I need a hot bath and to do some laundry..."


Etran’s Folly (Plaguestone)
Summer/Day 2/2010
Weather: 10 degrees cooler than normal (warm), no wind, light rain
Round 0

Pak and Grimsby caught up with Hiromi, Silvi, and Galahad as the trio returned to the caravan with Phinnick in tow. The sun was nearly set, and a light rain fell, managing to make everything wet. The other members of the caravan sat in their cloaks in the lee of the wagons around a small fire and looked up expectantly at the adventurers.

Find the killer
  • Question Amora
  • Question Phinick
  • Question Trin

Clue: Someone with the initial H took deliveries of reagents from Bort.
Help Sir Lawrence quiet Talmore’s ghost.


Silvi AC 13 HP 1/19(12) (drained 7, wounded 1)
Galahad AC 18 HP 12/15
Hiromi AC 17 HP 16/17 (wounded 1)

Party XP: 210


Etran’s Folly (Plaguestone)
Summer/Day 3/0710
Weather: Normal for the season (hot), light wind, heavy rain
Round 0

The light summer rain of the day before gave way overnight to a heavy summer thunderstorm, soaking the caravan tents, making it hard to get a good night’s rest. Everyone woke stiff and pained from the day before.

At least breakfast didn’t have to be cold. Delma and Amora came in with the sunrise and reopened the Feedmill, so there was hot turnip porridge for breakfast, and turnip pancakes. Most of the farmers of Etran’s Folly trudge in early, as it is no weather for farming the turnip fields.

The heavy rain does little to remove the summer heat and humidity as the party trudges through the muddy lanes to the north side of town with its abandoned and derelict homes. With the directions given by Phinick and Rolth, it is easy enough to find the rundown hovel where they say Hallod lives.

A huge, dead willow stands in front of a house that appears to be in serious disrepair. It might have had a second story at one time, but that long ago collapsed into ruin, taking parts of the first floor with it. The windows are all boarded over, and the front door hangs open about a foot, kept from swinging wider by a frayed rope.

The yard is a complete mess of overgrown weeds. The house itself is constructed from thick wooden posts, slats, and plaster. It’s barely standing, with the entire second floor having collapsed.

Help Sir Lawrence quiet Talmore’s ghost.

Silvi (+7) AC 13 HP 4/19(13) (drained 6, wounded 1)
Galahad (+3) AC 18 HP 13/15
Hiromi (+6) AC 17 HP 17/17 (wounded 1)
Pakuten (+3) AC 18 HP 16/16

Party XP: 210


"Thanks for coming along with us," Hiromi told the new volunteers, "Yesterday was just too much! Look at the state of Silvi, poor thing, and yet she's here like a trooper!"

She referred to all of those who had dropped out of helping in the investigation and added, "It's clearly difficult to keep your resolve, what with all the dead-ends. I have to admit, my own morale has been low. But today we have a clear goal! Let's find this Hallod guy and bring him to justice for Bort's murder!"

Pak bobs his head in what can only be a nod. He looks over at Silvi, wishing he could do more for the Gnome but his powers are not that great yet. He looks back to Hiromi.

"It is not a problem. I was originally going to sign on with Bort before his untimely demise. Bringing his killer to justice is important."

Pak looks over the ramshackled house. His feather puff up involuntarily. He did not like the look of this place.

"It looks like that building will fall down at any moment. We should be careful when we enter."

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