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D&D General The first character to die in D&D was named Bob! Bob the Hero!

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And all this time I was sure it was Kenny

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Victoria Rules
To me the truly fascinating and enlightening bit isn't the article itself but the comment below it from David Wesely, in which he points out three notable things:

The first Braunstein game was Dec 28 1968.
The first-ever PC death was Dave Arneson's character, in that Dec 28 game, in a duel with another PC.
Which means the first-ever PC death was PvP! Love it! :)

"I was in the game that had that troll, and I did not care for the rules. The troll killed me in no time at all, and I was a hero! I refused to have anything to do with Blackmoor for a very long time after that."

Interesting that even at the beginning, there was pretty much that same ideological debate over the level of lethality and durability of PCs.

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