ZEITGEIST The Grand Design

Do we have anywhere a list of the planes and their associated traits for the various Grand Design Ob plans. I suspect the answer is no as they were not needed for this part of the campaign, however I am getting a lot of questions about the details of the planes for each set up and I like to be lazy and steal other peoples work


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This was what I thought of immediately. Apologies, as I have no actual way to help you.


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Andrew, you aren't the first person to ask about concrete details for the Convocation planes, and neither was I when my party started Book 7. I dug up a few old threads, did my own cross-referencing with Act 3 and came up with the following configurations.

Planes of the Obscurati
Miller's Pyre, Arboretum, Watchmakers, Colossus, Panarchists.
Minor Factions, Radical Factions.
MAP, Colossal Congress, Watchmaker Watchmen

And here's our crazier homebrew ones.

Miller's Clock, Colossal Conquest
SPS 2.0

The Convocation planes do actually map quite well to Act 3, barring one or two new planes and inconsistencies.

Let me know if you need any more information.
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Thanks that is both helpful and much nicer looking than anything I would have produced on my own. I had got to the crossreferencing all the planes mentioned in the later books but this should save on me having to make my own
We used your handouts last night Arkwright and my players very much appreciated them, it made sorting out which planes were in use much easier for them


Aw, I'm glad. Best of luck with the rest of the book.
If they win the convocation vote, do consider letting a few of their preferred planes be popped into the post-Book 9 planar arrangement.
The modification to MAP adds Aegis to it and so is MAAP they replaced the plane of time which did not seem to be vital with Nem to seal against planar intrusion and I may modify the events of book 9 to add Nem as I don't see it stopping the Gyre and so won't be a plot problem.