D&D 5E The Hardest Encounters


Hmmm...I recently got a bunch of Dwarven Forge terrain from the Wildlands expansion that included a bunch of floating driftstone pieces (levitating rocks), so I immediately did an encounter vs. a spell caster who was using an artifact to tear apart the surrounding earth. The party basically had to Mario their way from platform to platform to get at him, while dealing with his spells and the angry earth elementals he summoned. It was super entertaining.

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Mechanically complex? A fight with 3 different and unique tier 4 casters along with supporting NPCs. It went fine, almost a TPK (as desired) and the players had fun. It was tough because of the spell combinations and best use. I tried laying out basic spell strategies for all the casters and the supporting mundanes, but at times I know I did not use the most effective/deadly options at times. Probably would have had a TPK if I had played perfectly, but then again, the players didn't either. Fun was had, we all won.

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