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Any Setting! Any Character! Any Adventure! Anything You Can Imagine!


Heroes & Hardships is a universal roleplaying game that allows gamemasters to craft any story they desire. Heroes & Hardships contains many options to facilitate diverse styles and genres of play; GMs can easily create standard fantasy, sci-fi, modern, historical, and super hero games. And of course, feel free to readily mix and match all of these genres in any way they see fit.

In Heroes & Hardships you will find:

  • A universal RPG system suitable for any setting or genre;
  • Extreme customization, from optional rules to hundreds of character options;
  • Tightly designed game systems that work seamlessly together or apart;
  • Dangerous and tactical combat, with optional rules for simpler forms of violence;
  • Two interconnected magic systems for wizards and super heroes alike;
  • Vehicle creation and combat;
  • A bestiary full of medieval, fantasy, modern, and sci-fi adversaries;
  • Extreme quality, from AAA game industry artists, to hardcover book extras like a ribbon, soft-touch matte cover, and FSC paper.
  • And much more!

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