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Current Time: Goodmonth 22, CY 964. It is 10:00 AM in the morning.

Current Location: The party has stepped through a portal, arriving in the Kingdom of Ull, in the hills just south of the city of Kester.


After about 2 and a half days of uneventful travel in the Southward direction, the party comes upon a large oasis. Camped around the oasis is a LARGE band of Nomads, the nearest estimate putting the fighting men at around 300 or so, along with about twice as many (~600) women, and an equal number (~300) children. From your position on a nearby hilltop, you can see that the camp stretches out for about half a mile, a veritable sea of tents. There is a lot of activity in the camp, and a group about 200 or so horses is being watered in the center of it, near the largest part of the oasis. No one seems to have spotted the party yet, or if they have, they are unconcerned by your presence.

Past the camp, far in the distance, at what you estimate to be another 5 miles or so travel, you can see a large structure which you recognize to be a pyramid. You are fairly certain that the pyramid is your intended destination. And of course, the shortest route to it leads the party straight through the nomad camp.

Time and Date That Hilltop Was Reached: Goodmonth 24, CY 964, 5:30 pm. (1 hour before sunset)

EVERYONE: What do you do?
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Taking in the scene, I clear my throat and look to the others. "Which option sounds best to each of you? One - camp here. Two - camp with all of them," I say with a sweeping gesture at the masses ahead of us. "Three - we ride around their encampment and press on. Or four - we ride through their encampment and press on."


"They each have the drawback of of potentially casting us in a poor light as intruders and threats. Maybe just riding by would be the best course."

Sylvar B.

Sylvar takes a second look at the Nomad camp and says, "on second thought they look harmless enough, let's go talk to them, they may have information we need."

Sylvar starts walking toward the camp.


Kleborn agrees with both Sylvar and Dewydd. "I think going in looking as peaceful as we can will be the best choice. Let's go."

Thallok says "I will try to look as friendly as I can."

Kleborn looks at Thallok smirks and says, "good luck with that." He then winks at Thallok

Thallok is not amused by Kleborn's comment, but gives a smile and says, "how is this?"

They both follow Sylvar.

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Sorry I didn't post this earlier. You may want to go back and make slight edits to your posts after you read it. Or perhaps not.

Tribal Imperium of Ull
Ruler: Tsu Bok Khan, "The Merciless," Khan (Emperor) of Ull
Capital: Ulakand (pop. 6,000+/-)
Cultural Template: Mongolian
Government Alignment: LE (Strict laws, harsh punishment, allows slavery)
Populace Alignments: LE, LN
Population: 100,000 +
Demi-humans: Doubtful
Humanoids: Some (in mountains)
Resources: silver, gems (II)

A strong tribal clan of the Paynim nomads found the rich area between the Barrier Peaks and the Ulsprue Mountains provided them with ample grazing and a perfect territory to "settle" in. The Uli claimed this area of land for themselves and have held it against all comers. The territory comprises over 90,000 square leagues, including the hills that separate the Ulsprue from the Crystalmists. While many of the Uli retain their nomadic habits and roam the open plains to the north, a fair number of these people have taken to more settled ways. A caravan town is situated near the center of Ull (Ulakand), and there are numerous hill and mountain villages to the south. The numbers of the Uli enable them to field a strong force of cavalry and still protect their town and villages with tough infantry. The latter use huge bows, strange pole arms, and great maces. As traders, the Uli are crafty and sly. They are fierce, warlike, and highly unpredictable otherwise.

The Uli tribesmen are on friendly terms with the Humanoids of the mountain regions, including Orcs, Hobgoblins, Goblins, Bugbears, and Kobolds. It is not uncommon to see such Humanoids around the towns and camps, conducting trade of one sort or another, including the trading of slaves (always foreigners, never tribesmen). Half-breeds are an uncommon occurrence, nevertheless, they are not shunned as outcasts, but rather, welcomed, especially if they are strong, and skilled in battle. Foreigners are viewed with suspicion, tolerated at some times, preyed upon at other times, depending upon how weak they appear to be. The warlike tendencies of the Uli tribesmen are the reason for the scarcity of foreigners, and for the abundance of Humanoids.


Duncan & Company:

By the time Duncan had finished putting his thoughts together Sylvar had already started making his way towards the camp. Duncan was more inclined to simply go around the camp, since it didn't represent anything they were looking for, and was just an opportunity to get embroiled in a sidetrack. But he didn't care strongly enough about it to bother to deter anyone else from approaching the camp so waved to his crew to follow and marched on behind Sylvar.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
The Welcoming Committee

This thread has been idle long enough to allow for any voices of dissent. Hearing none, I am advancing the story.

The entire party follows Sylvar, as he begins casually walking down into the encampment. Directly behind him, are Thallok, then Kleborn, then Dewydd, followed by Duncan and Co. Everyone else is trailing behind the twins.

From the hilltop where you were, there was no visible sign that your presence was detected. As you get nearer and nearer, the camp's activity changes very little. At last, as you are within about 150 ft. of the camp's outer boundary, you finally notice a large Half-Orc, followed by 4 men, all on horseback, casually trotting up to meet you. They are armed with swords, knives, spears, and bows. (Swords and bows on their person, knives and spears in saddle quivers, hanging on the right flanks of their horses.) Their weaponry is sheathed. They show no signs of alarm.

They stop about 50 t. from the party, the Half-Orc's horse in front. The big warrior raises his hand in greeting, and when the party is within 20 feet or so, he speaks in a broken form of Common, mixed with Hobgoblin... or is it Orcish? Or is it both?

Lead Horseman "Hold. We hghdjt... jghyt fi guok greetings. Are thkip son nbgjhfr?"

Despite Sylvar's position at the front of the pack, he seems to be addressing Thallok.

Thallok, you recognize more words than indicated above, but not by much. There are definitely words of Common and Orcish in his speech. But the other words are unknown to you.

Thallok, scratches his head, and says, in Orcish:

"Greetings, I am Thallok. A warrior, as you are. I recognize some Orcish in what you say, but many of your words are strange to me. Do you speak the true tongue, in its unaltered form?"

The Big Horseman laughs,
"Yes, I speak the true tongue of our fathers. You must be new to this region. The language spoken by the Ulli Tribesmen is a mixture of many languages, including our beloved tongue. But like any true Orc, I have not forgotten my heritage. This is obviously your entourage; I see that you have an Elven mule marching before you, no doubt because of his non-threatening demeanor. With a skinny runt like him in front, no one would fear that you meant to attack. You must be rich and powerful; few warriors can afford an Elf for their mule. Most of the Ulli have only Kobolds and Goblins for lackeys. And I myself, am poor and simple, I have no mule at all. I am Jaahn, of the Red Hills, of Tribe Skullsplitter. From what tribe do you hail, mighty Thallok? Have you come for trade, or merely hospitality?"

THALLOK: What do you do?
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Thallok looks at Sylvar when the horseman speaks, and laughs loudly.

[SBLOCK=If you speak Orcish] Good eye my brother, we mean no threat. Or else we would have put our singing friend in a more safe position. I will tell you, he is good for a nice song. It is good to meet you Jaahn of the Red Hills. I come from Tribe Oakspear named for my great, great grandfather. I am the second red-skinned Orc of my line, after my father. My companions and I are simply travelling through, and are growing weary from our travels. We are seeking hospitality, someplace to stay tonight before we move on in the morning. I would pay a tribute to your camp's chieftain of course, in exchange for the hospitality.[/SBLOCK]

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