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Release The Hoard (FG VTT)


Belle Muerte
New Release
The Hoard
Luke Gygax

You are relaxing in The Spotted Cow Inn situated in the quaint and prosperous little mountain town of Garport. The proprietor is pulling out draughts of the finest ale you've ever tasted and a bard with fingers more nimble than a pixie and a voice nearly as sweet as a siren sings about a fabulous treasure hoard rumored to be close to this very spot! Of course, it is guarded by some strange dragon called a thunderfrost wyrm, but aren't all the good treasures guarded by something? You are thinking what good fortune you have to be drinking exquisite ale, listening to one of the most talented bards you can recall, and getting a lead on a possibly profitable adventure when lo and behold, an elven female in fine, but rugged, garb approaches your table seeking help. She claims to know where the hoard is and that it is not even guarded by a dragon?! The devil you say! Is this just too good to be true? It is up to whether you decide to give her the finger or not...


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