Sale The Kobold Press Staff Pick Sale Celebrating 18 Years of Kobold Press!

Marc Radle

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The Kobold Press Staff Pick Sale Celebrating 18 Years of Kobold Press!
Gather ‘round, fellow adventurers, as Kobold Press celebrates 18 years in the Warrens with our Staff Picks Sale! Our seasoned team of dungeon delvers and arcane sages have handpicked a selection of their absolute favorite Kobold Press titles, and we’re making them available to you at a positively celebratory 18% off.

What titles, you ask?
Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the month from March 1- March 25, we’ll unveil a new gem from the Kobold Warrens and put it on sale through March 31! Check in 3 times a week for a new tome!

From the legendary City of Cats to the Realm of Shadows, across the Wastes of Chaos to the Old Margreve, each title in this sale is beloved by one of Kobold Press’s very own staff.

Whether you’re new to Kobold Press or you’re celebrating 18 years with us, each book will bring something exciting and special to your table.

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Marc Radle


The Kobold Press Staff Pick Sale

A couple new Staff Picks!


City of Cats

Meagan Maricle
Senior Game Developer


Zobeck: Clockwork City
Wolfgang Baur


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