The Latest on Wrath & Glory and Torg Eternity

Good evening fellow Storm Knights, travelers of the Cosms, and veterans of The Possibility Wars! Last time we met, I brought you the knowledge and wisdom of our benefactor Darrell Hayhurst. Today, we bring you a glimpse of what's happening in the world of Torg Eternity and a few other Ulisses North America properties.

Morrus recently reported on Wrath & Glory mysteriously disappearing from Ulisses North America’s website and products roster. We just found out why: Wrath & Glory will continue with Cubicle 7 taking the reins. This development is covered in detail here. It will be interesting to see what Cubicle 7 does with the game and we certainly hope for the best!

My final bit of reporting on Wrath & Glory is something I noticed on Drivethru RPG—a soundtrack for Wrath & Glory, priced at $9.99. Tracks are in MP3 format, approximately three minutes apiece, and have cool names like “Aeldari Invasion,” “Waaaagh!” and “Appeal to the Machine Spirits.” When I found it a few weeks ago, it was listed under Ulisses North America, but is now listed under Cubicle 7. It’s still pretty cool and I’m using it as background to my own 40K gaming and hobbying.

Shifting over to the world of Torg Eternity, it appears Ulisses has several new previews available for the game, this time focused on the Ireland, Great Britain and Norway. Per Darrell Hayhurst in a recent update, it appears a new Kickstarter may be coming soon and work on The Nile Empire is nearly complete. There are eight previews as of this writing:

All of these can be viewed in full on the Ulisses North America website, right on the front page. Currently available Aysle items such as The Aysle Bestiary and Aysle Tales of Adventure are up on Drive Thru RPG, alongside the classic version of the Cosm. The previews have been steadily appearing on the website, so we’re sure more are to come.

While there is no word yet on the public release of Torg Eternity: Nile Empire, we did find some cool new Nile Empire related items on Drive Thru RPG—a Cosm Card Booster for $2.50 and an adventure called Nile Empire Queen Nitocris for $4.99 that boasts mystery and danger involving the titular queen.

In the interim, anyone can grab a copy of the classic version of the source book from the 1990s for $8.99 over at Drivethru RPG as well. Finally, my favorite Torg product is probably the soundtrack, which is also available in convenient digital form as well. In my games, one can never have too much music.

Contributed by David J. Buck (Nostalgia Ward) as part of the EN World Columnist program. When he isn’t learning to play or writing about RPGs, he can be found at Tedium: the Dull Side of the Internet, Nerdvana Media, Patreon and Twitter. If you like what we do here at EN World (the Forums, Columns, News, ENnies, etc) and would like to help support us to bring you MORE please consider supporting our Patreon. Even a single dollar helps!

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David J. Buck

David J. Buck


The news story was first posted by myself on the ENWorld forums, before Morrus promoted it to the front page. The screenshot used was also mine, just saying. .

Cubicle7 at UK Games Expo confirmed the takeover of the Warhammer 40,000 Wrath and Glory product line.

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