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Just wanted to let everyone know that due to popular demand I added two additional pledge tiers to the campaign. These allow you to get 3 copies of the soft or hardcover at basically a discount. Perfect for groups that want the book, or for retailers that want to check it out!

Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
I have said it several time, and I say it here again. The firearms may break the power balance easily.

For example in the first Robocop movie, the oldest one, when Murphy faced with the robot ED-209 this couldn't be defeated, and he had to run away. In the last minutes of the movie when Robocop is going to face the big bad guy, only one shot with the cobra assault canon was enough. In the first movie of alien one xenomorph was enough to kill almost all Nostromo crew, but in the sequel dozens of them, maybe hundred ones, were killed from other room thanks sentinel turrets. In Sylverster Stalone's movie "Cobra" the main female character, played by Bridgitte Nielsen, couldn't face the main villain, the night slasher, but in the end of the movie the main character like a true one-man-army with enough ammo could terminate completely the cult of the new dawn. In videogames as "Resident Evil" or "Evil Within" you have to hide if you haven't a right weapon, or you want to save ammo, but with enough item, then you can face dozens of enemies.

Have you played a battle royal videogame? An enemy with the same stats may be more dangerous only thanks a better firearms. And if we started to talk about exosuits, powered-armors and mechas
But that's as it should be. People use technology for a reason. Firearms and other modern weapons are  better weapons, for the most part. A game where that isn't true has to constantly fight against itself to stay true to genre.

Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
The spells have got a daily number limit, and the magic item are more expensive, but firearms are easier to be broken. A kobold with an axe and a shield is a challenge, but the same kobold, with the same stats, but with a sniper rifle from a window, or the top of a roof, are a true nightmare for PCs too focused into melee combat and without ranged weapons.
In a modern genre game, maybe focusing on melee isn't a good idea? And in any case, good enemy tactics are a problem for the PCs in any game.

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