Kickstarter The Modern Day genre map-making app you've always wanted


Most map-making apps usually give short shrift to the Modern Day genre, if they support it at all. That's a shame. But it's also an opportunity.

Modern Day map-makers deserve an app that caters specifically to them, one with a rich and comprehensive mapping asset library.

By really beefing up the Modern Day genre content that's already available with exciting new content from leading asset creators, MapForge wants to become the ultimate Modern Day map-making app for tabletop RPGs. Whether you want to make street maps for your Supers RPG campaign, interior maps for your d20 Modern game, or even post-apocalyptic urban maps, check out this Kickstarter and help make it happen.

MapForge Modern Day KS Project Image v1.png

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Sadly, this Kickstarter campaign won't fund, since it's on the final day and still needs 70% of its funding goal. Dismal turnout.

The only good news is that some of the offered mapping content WILL still get released for direct sale (just not at KS prices). The only ones I can confirm are the Brass Badger Workshop bundle, the "CityScape" set, and Gabriel Pickard's "City Streets" and "Main Streets" sets.

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