DMs Guild The MONSTER MENU has come to fruition!


Existential Risk
FOLKS! Have you ever wanted to use a unicorn horn as a shish kebab, or turn the tables on an illithid and eat its rarefied mind? What about tasting the sweet, sinful fruit of a treant? Ooh, or partake in a dangerous manticore fondue? Yeah!? Well that’s pretty weird, but you’re in luck!

The Monster Menu is a new supplement on the DMs Guild that provides fun, impactful, and flavorful options for eating over 100 different monster meals! Each entry has a set of compelling magical benefits, foreboding side effects, and a summary of the adventurous experience of eating a literal monster. Supported by a few simple guidelines, magic items, and optional variant rules, the Monster Menu is setting-agnostic and ready to play on day one.


Go check out the free preview on DMs Guild, and if you like what you see, grab it during the first week of its release for 25% off! With delectable-yet-disturbing original artwork by Samantha Stahlke and Yan Tamba, your table will have an easy time getting the vibe of the vittles. And hey, why not take a look at my previous entries while you’re there:
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Happy hunting, and bon appetit!

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