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The Mourning After (Horror) (IC)

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Lazharis, as if there was no danger at all, calmly but quickly walked over to the nearby heavy guard, who had been crushed by a the top of the guard-tower. He knelt down and quickly plucked a heavy crossbow and a quarrel from the corpse. By the time he had stood back up, he had cranked the crannequin until it locked, placed the quarrel, and raised the crossbow toward a guard that was climbing out of the tower's debris. The guard was between him and the only way out. Vesile was already heading that way. Showing no mercy, he fired the quarrel.

OOC: I am assuming that I can get a quarrel as part of getting the crossbow. If not, he won't have fired until next round, but will instead use his action to take the entire quarrel case. If it's okay that he took a quarrel, he will crossbow attack: 1D20+5 = [14]+5 = 19 for 1D10+2 = [4]+2 = 6 piercing


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Thanks to the warning, Maladiel is able to sidestep the tower, although a big hunk of wood came down at his feet. Before he can worry about the dead and wailing injured in front of him, he sees the monstrous creature.

"What in the name of the Host," he starts, but decides not to confront that powerful foe. Instead, the half-elf realizes an escape route has presented itself.

Following Lazharis across the broken tower, Mal points at another guard with his finger -- old habits -- and mutters, "Dolor!"

The guard immediately clutches his head as a spike of disorienting pain is driven through his brain.

OOC: Dexterity saving throw: 2D20+2.HIGH(1) = [6, 14] + 2 = 16
Initiative: 1D20+2 = [20]+2 = 22

Move up to the tower, cast the Mind Sliver cantrip at the guard next to the one Lazharis targetted with the crossbow. (Mind Sliver only requires a verbal component.)

Guard must make an Intelligence save (DC 13) or take 1D6=3 psychic damage and substract 1D4=4 from his next saving throw before the end of my next turn.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: Taking the shield so that one of the others who can use it doesn't have to instead taking it directly (Action to equip)

Malix delays a bit until part of the tower smashes in front of him and immediately rushes forward over the ruined tower and stands next to the guard impaled by the beast. He strips the shield from guards corpse and holds it out.
"Fighters! Get this! And the other!"

Init; Dex save: 1D20+3 = [5]+3 = 8
2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [10, 13]+5 = 18

Move: a square to the left and down (diagonal, "SW") from Z
Action: take the shield



Xian managed to dodge out of the way of the falling tower, only getting slightly injured in the process. He watched in astonishment as a hulking monstrosity lumbered out of the wreckage. What has House Vadalis been up to? He made a mental note to report this if he survived.

Xian pointed at a nearby guard and hurled a string of insults while he made his way towards the exit.

Ooc: dex save 2#1d20+4: 2 # 5 [1d20=1] 18 [1d20=14]. Dice Roller • Orokos.com,. Initiative= 1d20+2: 7 [1d20=5]
casting Viscous Mockery. Verbal component only, wisdom save DC 13 or take 1d4 psychic damage and have disadvantage on attack rolls before the end of it's next turn.

Ozzar runs after the dwarven healer, snatching the spear off the ground and trying to get his arm into shield straps.

Move: straight E toward Z
Interact: take the spear
Action: don the shield (if neurotics / Malix idea works)


Possibly a Idiot.
Jailbreak! Round 2.

The heavy guards pound upon the Ogre-Bird, one even scoring a critical blow, only to have their blows returned by a massive claw, slicing through the armor of one guard into their stomach. The Ogre-Bird takes this opening to thrust its beak inside the wound, and rip out the guard's internal organs. The Ogre-bird then raises its head to slide the bloody mess down its gullet, and you watch as the grotesque meal somehow mends the creature's wounds.

The fearsome feast horrifies the nearby prisoners. One falls to their knees and starts praying. Another bolts to climb the fence, only to find themselves electrified. The lingering smell of burnt flesh serves as a warning to anyone else attempting to do the same.

The other guards stand in shock, they have to stop the beast, but the prisoners are escaping. Two of which are wounded by the efforts of the party. They raise their shields in defense, waiting for some higher up to take command (dodge action)

Vesile attempts to rouse the prisoners “Run now, or you are all going to end up like him!”
GM: Round in review! Get ready for your next turn.
Ogre-Bird. AC 15, HP ??, Passive Perception: 13, Initiative: 15
Guard X4. AC: 16, HP 11, Passive Perception: 12, Initiative : 10
Heavy Guard. AC 16, HP 32, Passive Perception: 10, Initiative: 16.

G1: 5/11 (bloody)
G2: 4/11 (bloody)
G3: 11/11
G4: 11/11
H1: 0/32 (dead)
H2: 32/32

B: -19 (slightly hurt)
Vesile: AC 14, HP ??, Passive Perception: 13, Initiative: 7.
Prisoner X11: AC 10, HP 4, Passive Perception: 10, initiative: 9.
One prisoner died from the fence
Lazharis. AC: 14, HP: 7/9, Passive Perception: 14, Initiative: 21
Maladiel. AC: 12, HP: 5/7, Passive Perception: 14, Initiative: 22, Spells: 2/2. FBTG: 1/1.
Malix. AC: 17, HP: 8/10, Passive Perception: 15, Initiative: 8
Xian. AC: 13, HP: 7/9, Passive Perception: 13, Initiative: 7, Spells: 2/2 + D, BI: 3/3
Ozzar. AC 16: HP: 13/13?, Passive Perception: 13, Initiative: 10?, SW: 1/1,

Lazharis is not proficient with a Heavy Crossbow, but lands a bolt despite it.
I am assuming Xian is targeting the same guard Maladiel did.
Ozzar and Malix manage to equip the watchdwarf with a spear and shield.
Ozzar did not roll for initiative, I just went with 10 for this round.


Realizing that the crossbow is much heavier than the one he trained on, years ago, Lazharis looked around for a prisoner who might be better suited to it. Spotting a dwarf, he offered the crossbow to Ozzar. After that was dealt with, he dashed off. For a moment, he considered climbing over the fallen tower toward freedom, but the guards there would need to be dealt with. He climbed to a dead guard and rolled him over to take a pack off of him.
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