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Eberron Collector's Guide


Shirokinukatsukami fan
Welcome to the Eberron Collector's Guide!

This is one of a series of Echohawk's D&D Collector's Guides, each of which aims to provide a comprehensive guide to D&D products published for a particular setting or era of the game. This particular guide focuses on the Eberron campaign setting, which was the first D&D campaign setting designed specifically for the D&D 3.5 system.

Although the Dark Sun Collector's Guide was the first one published, The Collector's Guides only became a series when <!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: dbtech_usertag_mention -->

<!-- END TEMPLATE: dbtech_usertag_mention --> wrote "Great list! ...Wanna make one for Eberron now?", and compiling another Collector's Guide seemed inevitable. The Eberron Collector's Guide was more challenging than Dark Sun, because of the number of web articles and somewhat poorly documented Mark of Heroes and Xen'drik Expeditions organised play campaigns.

As noted, this was the second installment when the Collector's Guides were initially published. The original thread for this Collector's Guide is here.

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[h=1]D&D 3.5 products[/h]

[h=2]Hardcover books[/h]
Eberron Campaign Setting (errata; June 2004)
Sharn: City of Towers (errata; November 2004)
Races of Eberron (April 2005)
Five Nations (July 2005)
Explorer's Handbook (August 2005)
Magic of Eberron (October 2005)
Player's Guide to Eberron (January 2006)
Secrets of Xen'drik (July 2006)
Faiths of Eberron (September 2006)
Dragonmarked (November 2006)
Secrets of Sarlona (February 2007)
The Forge of War (June 2007)
Dragons of Eberron (October 2007)
City of Stormreach (February 2008)

Deluxe Dungeon Master's Screen (July 2005)
Deluxe Eberron Character Sheets (August 2005)

Shadows of the Last War (errata; July 2004)
Whispers of the Vampire's Blade (September 2004)
Grasp of the Emerald Claw (January 2005)
Voyage of the Golden Dragon (April 2006)
Eyes of the Lich Queen (April 2007)

Khorvaire cloth map (GAMA Trade Show promotion; 2004)

[h=1]Editionless products[/h]

[h=2]Hardcover books[/h]
An Adventurer's Guide to Eberron (March 2008)

[h=1]D&D 4th Edition products[/h]

[h=2]Hardcover books[/h]
Eberron Player's Guide (June 2009)
Eberron Campaign Guide (July 2009)

Khyber's Harvest (Free RPG Day, June 2009, PDF)
Seekers of the Ashen Crown (July 2009)

Eberron: Continent of Khorvaire Map (August 2011)

[h=1]Novels and fiction[/h]

[h=2]The Dreaming Dark[/h]
The City of Towers (February 2005)
The Shattered Land (February 2006)
The Gates of Night (November 2006)

[h=2]The Lost Mark[/h]
Marked for Death (March 2005)
Road to Death (January 2006)
Queen of Death (October 2006)

[h=2]The War-Torn[/h]
The Crimson Talisman (May 2005)
The Orb of Xoriat (October 2005)
In the Claws of the Tiger (July 2006)
Blood and Honor (September 2006)

[h=2]The Dragon Below[/h]
The Binding Stone (August 2005)
The Grieving Tree (March 2006)
The Killing Song (December 2006)

[h=2]Blade of the Flame[/h]
Thieves of Blood (May 2006)
Forge of the Mindslayers (March 2007)
Sea of Death (February 2008)

[h=2]Heirs of Ash[/h]
Voyage of the Mourning Dawn (June 2006)
Flight of the Dying Sun (February 2007)
Rise of the Seventh Moon (October 2007)

[h=2]The Inquisitives[/h]
Bound by Iron (April 2007)
Night of the Long Shadows (May 2007)
Legacy of Wolves (June 2007)
The Darkwood Mask (March 2008)

[h=2]The Lanternlight Files[/h]
The Left Hand of Death (July 2007)
When Night Falls (October 2008)
Death Comes Easy (cancelled?)

[h=2]The Draconic Prophecies[/h]
Storm Dragon (Hardcover August 2007, paperback May 2008)
Dragon Forge (Hardcover June 2008, paperback April 2009)
Dragon War (Hardcover August 2009, paperback March 2010)
Draconic Prophecies Omnibus (ebook only, November 2011)

[h=2]The Legacy of Dhakaan[/h]
The Doom of Kings (August 2008)
Word of Traitors (September 2009)
The Tyranny of Ghosts (June 2010)

[h=2]Thorn of Breland[/h]
The Queen of Stone (November 2008)
Son of Khyber (November 2009)
The Fading Dream (October 2010)

[h=2]Chronicles of Abraxis Wren[/h]
Taint of the Black Brigade (August 2010)

Tales of the Last War anthology (April 2006)
Lady Ruin (December 2010)
Untold Adventures (June 2011, "The Forge of Xen'drik" and "Arena of Shadows")
The Shard Axe (September 2011)
Skein of Shadows (eBook, July 2012)

[h=1]Other products[/h]

[h=2]Coffee table books[/h]
Dragons: Worlds Afire (Hardcover June 2006, paperback July 2008)

[h=2]Computer games[/h]
Dragonshard (September 2005)
Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited (launched as "Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach"; February 2006)

Eye of the Wolf (June 2006)
The Comic Cover Art of Dungeons & Dragons Vol. 1 (June 2008)
The Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons 5 (A and B covers) (October 2008)
Infestation 2: Dungeons & Dragons 1 (three covers, February 2012)
Infestation 2: Dungeons & Dragons 2 (two covers, February 2012)
Dungeons & Dragons Eberron Annual 2012 (March 2012)
Infestation 2: Volume 3 (August 2012)
Infestation 2: The Complete Series (Hardcover November 2012)

[h=2]Board games[/h]
Heroscape Expansion Set D2: Warriors of Eberron (August 2010)

[h=2]Promotional items[/h]
Across Eberron booklet (2003 Gen Con Indy promotion)


[h=2]Giants of Legend set[/h]
Released: July 2004

6/72: Warforged Fighter
65/72: Warforged Titan

[h=2]Aberrations set[/h]
Released: October 2004

6/60: Exorcist of the Silver Flame
10/60: Warforged Hero
19/60: Longtooth Barbarian
20/60: Sharn Cutthroat
21/60: Valenar Commander
27/60: Bladebearer Hobgoblin
30/60: Emerald Claw Soldier
43/60: Silent Wolf Goblin
46/60: Carrion Tribe Barbarian

[h=2]Deathknell set[/h]
Released: March 2005

3/60: Dwarf Artificer (Approved for use with Mark of Heroes campaign)
9/60: Soldier of Thrane (Approved for use with Mark of Heroes campaign)
11/60: Warforged Wizard (Approved for use with Mark of Heroes campaign)
24/60: Undying Soldier
25/60: Voice of Battle (Approved for use with Mark of Heroes campaign)
51/60: Dolgrim

[h=2]Angelfire set[/h]
Released: July 2005

2/60: Cleric of Dol Arrah (Approved for use with Mark of Heroes campaign)
3/60: Dwarf Raider (Approved for use with Mark of Heroes campaign)
4/60: Dwarf Wizard (Approved for use with Mark of Heroes campaign)
22/60: Longstrider Ranger
24/60: Talenta Halfling (Approved for use with Mark of Heroes campaign)
32/60: Blackscale Lizardfolk
34/60: Scorpion Clan Drow Fighter

[h=2]Underdark set[/h]
Released: November 2005

6/60: Half-Orc Paladin (Approved for use with Mark of Heroes campaign)
15/60: Elf Stalker (Approved for use with Mark of Heroes campaign)
24/60: Wizard Tactician (Approved for use with Mark of Heroes campaign)
31/60: Xen'drik Champion
34/60: Dolgaunt Monk

[h=2]War Drums set[/h]
Released: March 2006

1/60: Arcane Ballista
2/60: Arcanix Guard
5/60: Combat Medic (Approved for use with Mark of Heroes campaign)
11/60: Warforged Bodyguard
12/60: Warforged Captain
13/60: Warforged Scout
16/60: Dragon Totem Hero
18/60: Halfling Slinger (Approved for use with Mark of Heroes campaign)
24/60: Warforged Barbarian (Approved for use with Mark of Heroes campaign)
33/60: Inspired Lieutenant
34/60: Karrnathi Zombie
43/60: Zakya Rakshasa

[h=2]War of the Dragon Queen set[/h]
Released: July 2006

3/60: Cleric of Syreth (Approved for use with Xen'drik Expeditions campaign)
11/60: Clawfoot Rider
15/60: Spellscale Sorcerer (Approved for use with Xen'drik Expeditions campaign)
16/60: Storm Archer (Approved for use with Xen'drik Expeditions campaign)
18/60: Warden of the Wood
40/60: Poison Dusk Lizardfolk
44/60: Cloudreaver

[h=2]Blood War set[/h]
Released: November 2006

5/60: Elf Warmage (Approved for use with Xen'drik Expeditions campaign)
6/60: Half-Orc Spy (Approved for use with Xen'drik Expeditions campaign)
24/60: Valenar Nomad Charger
25/60: Dragonmark Heir of Deneith
27/60: Living Flaming Sphere
29/60: Blood of Vol Cultist
39/60: Lord of Blades
44/60: Soulknife Infiltrator (Approved for use with Xen'drik Expeditions campaign)

[h=2]Unhallowed set[/h]
Released: March 2007

4/60: Devotee of the Silver Flame
14/60: Changeling Rogue (Approved for use with Xen'drik Expeditions campaign)
17/60: Halfling Brawler (Approved for use with Xen'drik Expeditions campaign)
20/60: Lyrandar Skyfire Captain
26/60: Wild Elf Warsinger (Approved for use with Xen'drik Expeditions campaign)
33/60: Blood of Vol Divinity Seeker
41/60: Inspired Shock Trooper
46/60: Tsucora Quori

[h=2]Night Below set[/h]
Released: July 2007

3/60: Champion of Dol Dorn
9/60: Kalashtar Bodyguard
36/60: Lady Vol
49/60: Clawborn Scorrow

[h=2]Desert of Desolation set[/h]
Released: November 2007

15/60: Cliffwalk Archer
27/60: Blood of Vol Fanatic

[h=2]Dungeons of Dread set[/h]
Released: April 2008

36/60: Iron Defender
48/60: Warforged Infiltrator

[h=2]Against the Giants set[/h]
Released: July 2008

38/60: Shifter Claw Adept

[h=2]Demonweb set[/h]
Released: November 2008

44/60: Sharn Redcloak
45/60: Warforged Battle Champion

[h=2]Dangerous Delves set[/h]
Released: May 2009

38/40: Xen'drik Drow Stingblade

[h=2]Player's Handbook Heroes: Series 2[/h]
Released: July 2009

2/18: Warforged Artificer
5/18: Warforged Cleric
14/18: Male Shifter Ranger

[h=1]Magazine articles[/h]

[h=2]Dragon Magazine[/h]
Dragon 311, p28, Preview: Eberron (September 2003)
Dragon 315, p106, Countdown to Eberron: Setting the Stage (January 2004)
Dragon 316, p86, Countdown to Eberron: Creating the Heroes (February 2004)
Dragon 317, p16, Countdown to Eberron: Races of the New World (March 2004)
Dragon 318, p86, Countdown to Eberron: Encounter the Warforged (April 2004)
Dragon 319, p50, Countdown to Eberron: A World Tempered By Magic (May 2004)
Dragon 320, p76, Countdown to Eberron: Dragonmarks, Dragonshards, and Dynasties of Power (June 2004)
Dragon 320, Insert, Dragonmark stickers (June 2004)
Dragon 324, p44, Living Nightmares: Dream Creatures of Dal Quor (October 2004)
Dragon 325, p106, Coup de Grace: Designing Eberron (November 2004)
Dragon 329, p78, A Novel Approach: Marked For Death (March 2005)
Dragon 330, p42, The Umbragen (April 2005)
Dragon 332, p38, Touched By Madness (June 2005)
Dragon 337, p56, Eternal Evil: The Lords of Dust (November 2005)
Dragon 341, p46, Arcane Upgrade: Warforged Magic Items (March 2006)
Dragon 344, p70, Dreadhold (June 2006)
Dragon 345, p34, The Giants of Xen'drik (July 2006)
Dragon 345, p76, Artifact Spells: Magic of the Giants (July 2006)
Dragon 348, p48, Horrors of the Daelkyr (October 2006)
Dragon 351, p76, Dragonmarks: Sorcerers in Eberron (January 2007)
Dragon 352, p82, Dragonmarks: Warforged: Fierce and Furious (February 2007)
Dragon 353, p74, Dragonmarks: Manifestly Strange (March 2007)
Dragon 354, p76, Dragonmarks: Boromar Clan (April 2007)
Dragon 355, p74, Dragonmarks: Way of the Shackled Beast (May 2007)
Dragon 356, p76, Dragonmarks: The Gathering Stone (June 2007)
Dragon 357, p76, Dragonmarks: Spell Sovereign (July 2007)
Dragon 358, p74, Dragonmarks: Fragments of the Prophecy (August 2007)
Dragon 359, p26, Unsolved Mysteries of D&D (September 2007)
Dragon 359, p106, Dragonmarks: Echoes of the Mourning (September 2007)
Dragon 360, p22, Lethal Locations: Dragons of Eberron (October 2007)
Dragon 360, p59, Dragons of Eberron: Dragon Hoards (October 2007)
Dragon 362, Expeditionary Dispatches: Crossing Valenar (January 2008)
Dragon 362, Expeditionary Dispatches: The Walls of Taer Valaestas (January 2008)
Dragon 362, Expeditionary Dispatches: The People of Taer Valaestas (February 2008)
Dragon 363, Expeditionary Dispatches: Dangers of Taer Valaestas (April 2008)
Dragon 364, p27, Playing Warforged (June 2008)
Dragon 364, p70, Expeditionary Dispatches: Forest of Flesh (June 2008)
Dragon 365, p5, Playtest: Artificer (July 2008)
Dragon 365, p67, Expeditionary Dispatches: Dolurrh's Dawn (July 2008)
Dragon 367, p63, Expeditionary Dispatches: Janus Gull (September 2008)
Dragon 368, p5, Backdrop: Graywall (October 2008)
Dragon 368, p84, Expeditionary Dispatches: Stillwater Station (October 2008)
Dragon 375, p106, Expeditionary Dispatches: The Mournland Express (May 2009)
Dragon 376, p66, Design & Development: Dragonmarks (June 2009)
Dragon 376, p69, Design & Development: The Artificer (June 2009)
Dragon 377, p29, Familiars of Eberron (July 2009)
Dragon 377, p77, Design & Development: Eberron (July 2009)
Dragon 378, p25, Domains in Eberron and the Forgotten Realms (August 2009)
Dragon 380, p67, Bazaar of the Bizarre: Dragonshard Items (October 2009)
Dragon 381, p55, The Warrior Forge Artificer (November 2009)
Dragon 382, p71, Channel Divinity: The Traveler (December 2009)
Dragon 385, p11, Power of the Mind: The Kalashtar (March 2010)
Dragon 385, p62, Winning Races: Fighting Styles of the Valenar (March 2010)
Dragon 385, p70, Winning Races: Alchemical Warforged (March 2010)
Dragon 386, p52, Winning Races: Changelings (April 2010)
Dragon 386, p37, Class Acts: Clerics of Prophecy (April 2010)
Dragon 387, p31, Class Acts: Artificer (May 2010)
Dragon 387, p47, Winning Races: Shifter - Shifters of the Cities (May 2010)
Dragon 388, p23, Heirs of Prophecy (June 2010)
Dragon 392, p41, The Forge of Xen'drik (October 2010)
Dragon 406, Eye on Eberron: The Trust (December 2011)
Dragon 407, Eye on Eberron: Vadalia and Cardaen (January 2012)
Dragon 408, Eye on Eberron: Baator (February 2012)
Dragon 409, Eye on Eberron: The Chamber (March 2012)
Dragon 410, Eye on Eberron: The Bloodsail Principality (April 2012)
Dragon 411, Eye on Eberron: Eston (May 2012)
Dragon 412, Eye on Eberron: The Sovereign Swords (June 2012)
Dragon 413, Eye on Eberron: The Kech Ghaalrac (July 2012)
Dragon 414, Eye on Eberron: The Vale of the Inner Sun (August 2012)
Dragon 415, Eye on Eberron: The Aurum (September 2012)
Dragon 416, p25, Eye on Eberron: Rak Tulkhesh, the Rage of War (October 2012)
Dragon 417, p28, Eye on Eberron: Miron’s Tears (November 2012)
Dragon 418, p52, Eye on Eberron: The Winter of the World (December 2012)
Dragon 419, p4, Sentient Living Spells: Magic with a Mind of its Own (January 2013)
Dragon 419, p28, Engines of War ("Clockwork Rookeries in Eberron", January 2013)

[h=2]Dungeon Magazine[/h]
Dungeon 111, p68, Critical Threats: Lord of Blades (June 2004)
Dungeon 113, p16, The Queen with Burning Eyes (August 2004)
Dungeon 113, Insert, Eberron poster map (August 2004)
Dungeon 115, p36, Steel Shadows (October 2004)
Dungeon 117, p18, Fallen Angel (December 2004)
Dungeon 122, p72, Backdrop: The Ring of Storms (May 2005)
Dungeon 123, p32, The Shards of Eberron, Part 1: Crypt of Crimson Stars (June 2005)
Dungeon 124, p66, The Shards of Eberron, Part 2: Temple of the Scorpion God (July 2005)
Dungeon 125, p48, The Shards of Eberron, Part 3: Pit of the Fire Lord (August 2005)
Dungeon 129, p22, Murder in Oakbridge (December 2005)
Dungeon 133, p16, Chimes at Midnight (April 2006)
Dungeon 136, p18, Tensions Rising (July 2006)
Dungeon 143, p18, Riding the Rail (February 2007)
Dungeon 147, p16, The Aundairian Job (June 2007)
Dungeon 150, p34, Quoth the Raven (September 2007)
Dungeon 151, Hell's Heart (October 2007)
Dungeon 154, City of Blood (May 2008)
Dungeon 155, p18, Keep on the Shadowfell: Eberron Conversion (June 2008)
Dungeon 167, p4, Heart of the Forbidden Forge (June 2009)
Dungeon 169, p71, Campaign Workshop: The Blasphemer (August 2009)
Dungeon 170, p58, Explore Fairhaven (September 2009)
Dungeon 172, p85, Expeditionary Dispatches: Guardians of the Labyrinth (November 2009)
Dungeon 173, p87, Explore Fairhaven: Agents and Enemies (December 2009)
Dungeon 175, p63, Creature Incarnations: Living Spells (February 2010)
Dungeon 175, p69, Explore Fairhaven: Villains and Vagabonds (February 2010)
Dungeon 177, p4, The Maze of Shattered Souls (April 2010)
Dungeon 178, p78, Explore Taer Lian Doresh: Fortress of Fading Dreams (May 2010)
Dungeon 181, p77, Explore Taer Lian Doresh: Agents and Enemies (August 2010)
Dungeon 182, p35, Backdrop: Q'Barra (September 2010)
Dungeon 184, p46, Explore Taer Lian Doresh: Villains and Vendettas (November 2010)
Dungeon 185, p63, Poison Dusk, Black Sun: Explore Q'barra, Part 2 (December 2010)
Dungeon 191, Eye on Eberron: The City of Zarash'ak (June 2011)
Dungeon 192, Eye on Eberron: Kyrzin, the Prince of Slime (July 2011)
Dungeon 193, Eye on Eberron: Lost, the Shapeshifting City (August 2011)
Dungeon 194, Eye on Eberron: Daask (September 2011)
Dungeon 195, Eye on Eberron: Fort Bones (October 2011)
Dungeon 196, Eye on Eberron: Taer Syraen (November 2011)
Dungeon 206, Dead for a Spell (September 2012)
Dungeon 214, p28, Dark Lantern (May 2013)

[h=1]Web site articles and downloads[/h]

[h=2]Gearing Up for Eberron[/h]
Across Eberron (December 2003)
An Overview of Eberron (December 2003)
Organizations in Eberron (January 2004)
Extreme Explorer Prestige Class (February 2004)
The Art of Eberron (February 2004)
Some Perspective on the World of Eberron (March 2004)
Mind Games in Eberron (April 2004)
Monsters of Eberron (May 2004)
Whirlwind Tour of Khorvaire (June 2004)

[h=2]Eberron Under the Glass[/h]
Artifact Hunt (October 2004)
Dungeon Exploration (October 2004)
Goblin Uprising (November 2004)
Race Relations and Prejudice (November 2004)
Cursed Magic Items (November 2004)
Planes and Adventuring (December 2004)
Character Classes and Levels (December 2004)
Healing (January 2005)

And So It Begins… (June 2004)
The Last War (June 2004)
Religion in Eberron (July 2004)
Demographics (July 2004)
Heroic Journeys (July 2004)
Swashbuckling 101: Combat (August 2004)
Intrigue and Betrayal (August 2004)
Heirs of Dhakaan (August 2004)
Magic in Eberron: Magewrights (August 2004)
What Do You Know (August 2004)
The Khoravar: Half-Elves of Khorvaire (September 2004)
The Serens, Part One (September 2004)
Shulassakar: The Feathered Servants (September 2004)
Welcome to Sharn! (September 2004)
The Elves of Valenar, Part 1 (October 2004)
The Elves of Valenar, Part 2 (October 2004)
The Daughters of Sora Kell, Part 1 (October 2004)
The Daughters of Sora Kell, Part 2 (October 2004)
Dwarves of the Mror Holds, Part 1 (November 2004)
Dwarves of the Mror Holds, Part 2 (November 2004)
Church of the Silver Flame, Part 1 (November 2004)
Church of the Silver Flame, Part 2 (November 2004)
The Gnomes of Zilargo, Part 1 (November 2004)
The Gnomes of Zilargo, Part 2 (December 2004)
Monastic Orders (December 2004)
The Race of Eight Winds (December 2004)
The Draconic Prophecy (December 2004)
Blades of the Quori (January 2005)
House Phiarlan, Part One (January 2005)
House Phiarlan, Part Two (February 2005)
House Phiarlan, Part Three (February 2005)
The Moons of Eberron (March 2005)
The Kobolds of Khorvaire (March 2005)
Lycanthropes and the Purge (April 2005)
The Role of Dragons (April 2005)
The Lhazaar Principalities, Part One (May 2005)
The Lhazaar Principalities, Part Two (May 2005)
The Elves of Aerenal, Part One (May 2005)
The Elves of Aerenal, Part Two (June 2005)
The Warforged, Part One (June 2005)
The Warforged, Part Two (July 2005)
Masters of Magic (July 2005)
The Reach of Riedra, Part One (August 2005)
The Reach of Riedra, Part Two (August 2005)
Druids of Khorvaire, Part One (October 2005)
Druids of Khorvaire, Part Two (October 2005)
Druids of Khorvaire, Part Three (November 2005)
Druids of Khorvaire, Part Four (November 2005)
Strike Force: Dhakaan (January 2006)
The Medusas of Droaam (September 2006)
Psionics in Eberron (September 2006)
The Children of Khyber (April 2007)

[h=2]Eberron Expanded[/h]
Lords of Madness (July 2005)
Heroes of Battle, Part One (July 2005)
Heroes of Battle, Part Two (September 2005)
Weapons of Legacy (November 2005)
Libris Mortis, Part One (January 2006)
Libris Mortis, Part Two (Feburary 2006)
Player's Handbook II (September 2006)
Complete Psionic (October 2006)

[h=2]Mark of Heroes[/h]
Welcome page
Getting Started (November 2004)
Character Sheet (Zip file, November 2004)
Progression Sheet (Zip file, November 2004)
Magic and Stack Sheet (Zip file, November 2004)
Fastplay Characters (November 2004)
Mark of Heroes FAQ (November 2004)
Campaign Cards: Fall 2004 (November 2004)
Dispel Confusion: Issue 1 (March 2005)
Converting the Faithful (April 2005)
Campaign Cards: Spring 2005 (April 2005)
Deathknell Sounds through Eberron (April 2005)
Diggers' Union Revealed (April 2005)
Campaign Standards v.1.2 (May 2005)
Campaign Cards: Summer 2005 (July 2005)
2004 Promo Campaign Cards (July 2005)
DM's Mark Adventures (July 2005)
"Reflections of the Multiverse" Recap (July 2005)
"Death in Darguun" Recap (July 2005)
Campaign Cards: Fall 2005 (October 2005)
Polymorph Restriction (February 2006)
Campaign Standards v.3.0 (February 2006)
Campaign Cards: Spring 2006 (March 2006)

[h=2]Sharn Inquisitive[/h]
Tower Collapse Was Sabotage, Watch Says (January 2005)
Crown Names ir'Saldivar to Dark Lantern Post (January 2005)
Researchers Crack Code of Vvaraak (January 2005)
Lyrandar Investigates Mysterious Lights (January 2005)
Search for Missing Royal Aide Continues (February 2005)
Livestock Deaths Puzzle Ranchers (February 2005)
Gaps Exist in Graywall Defenses (February 2005)
Shipwrecks May Mark Pirate Escalation (February 2005)
Mysterious Monoliths under Construction (March 2005)
Droaam Hordes Press Graywall Defenders (March 2005)
Prince Halix Enrolls at Rekkenmark Academy (March 2005)
POW Protests Rock Sharn Towers (March 2005)
Korranberg Library Shares Records (April 2005)
Mournland Incursion Devastates Village (April 2005)
Red Gauntlet Regiment Reunites in Sharn (April 2005)
Gladiator Fight Legalization (April 2005)
Stormhold District Quarantined (May 2005)
Bounty on Lightning Rail Raiders (May 2005)
Murders Tied to Pamphlets (May 2005)
Eldeen Wolves Seize Expedition (May 2005)
Court-Martial Convicts Tardalis (May 2005)
Security Planned for Barrakas Summit (June 2005)
"Mad Mapmaker" on Exhibit at Morgrave (June 2005)
Girallons Rage Through Stoneyard (June 2005)
Anti-Dismantlement Bill Stalls in Parliament (June 2005)
Special Report: Black Airship Sighted over Eastern Breland (July 2005)
Lhazaar Volcano Erupts (July 2005)
Crown Affirms Explorer Rights (July 2005)
Mykiro Harudden Collapses Onstage (July 2005)
Breland Calls for Crackdown (August 2005)
Horacht Sighted at Rekkenmark Graduation (August 2005)
Ir'Kalain Urges Q'Barran Emigration (August 2005)
Wyverns Menace Northern Zilargo (August 2005)
Ambassador Protests Warhorse Sales (August 2005)
Fairhaven Plagued by Serial Arsonist (September 2005)
Sabotage Suspected at Bridge Collapses (September 2005)
Anticipation Builds for New Roll of Honor (September 2005)
Tower 312 is Missing (October 2005)
Dragonshard Prices Skyrocket (October 2005)
Rampaging Dragon Menaces Countryside (October 2005)
House Lyrandar Mulls New Airship Routes (October 2005)
Duke ir'Askranno Sentenced to Dreadhold (November 2005)
Karrnathi Necro-Arsenals Remain Hidden (November 2005)
"Charger" Chaussinar Dies at 57 (November 2005)
Early Snows Close Graywall Passes (November 2005)
"Lilygatherer" Corruption Trial Opens (December 2005)
Countess ir'Hilyark Flees Wedding (December 2005)
Prince Slams Pace of Rebuilding (December 2005)
Watch Promises Extra Patrols (December 2005)
Arranash Execution Set for Midnight (January 2006)
"Reconstruction Decree" Licenses (January 2006)
Shipwreck Survivors Launched Distress Call (January 2006)
Flamewind Issues Annual Riddle (January 2006)
Karrnath Decries New Elf Fortress in Talenta (February 2006)
Silver Flame Protests at Morgrave University (February 2006)
Valley of Obelisks Girds for Gathering (February 2006)
'Lucky Sabletufts' Stolen from Art Patron (February 2006)
Arson Suspected in String of Shop Fires (March 2006)
Revival of Wyvern Hunt Takes 12 Wyverns (March 2006)
Guildhouse Robber Standoff Continues (March 2006)
Quarantine Lifted for Smoky Towers (March 2006)
Carnival of the Sublime Opens Next Week (April 2006)
Last Heir Seeks Iron Council Audience (April 2006)
Breland Commissions New Warships (April 2006)
Dozens Claim to Have Seen Lantern-Bearer (April 2006)
Drystone Pulls Out of Competition (May 2006)
Rampaging Elementals Blamed for Wildfires (May 2006)
Low Tides May Reveal Wreckage (May 2006)
Repairs Interrupt Lightning Rail (May 2006)
Fugitives at Large After Prison Break (May 2006)
Dragonslayer Sniper Claims Sixth Victim (June 2006)
Rivals Join Forces for Attainder Bill (June 2006)
Last Starwind Sailor Dies at 184 (June 2006)
Key Advisor to Crown Retires (June 2006)
War Widow Land Grant Lottery Set (July 2006)
Midnight Battery Was Politically Motivated (July 2006)
Karrnathi Laborers Make Grisly Find (July 2006)
Thrane Promises Return of Minnarek Friezes (July 2006)
Tornadoes Emerge From Mournland (July 2006)
Aundair Army Captures Rebel Leader (August 2006)
Feathered Serpents Seen Above Sharn (August 2006)
Forward Sora Kell Petition to Thronehold (August 2006)
Dream Serpent Hides Become Fashion (September 2006)
Lift Operators Warned to Return to Work (September 2006)
Invitations Sent for Conqueror Tourney (October 2006)
Wizardry Attack on City Hall (October 2006)
Old Soldiers' Home Massacre (October 2006)
Mysterious Red Box Packages (October 2006)
Poisoned Cider Intended for Soldiers (November 2006)
Rumored Creation Forge a Hoax (November 2006)
Banditry Delays Airship's Maiden Voyage (November 2006)
Land Grants Delayed for Warforged Veterans (November 2006)
Ghost Ship Sighted South of Sharn (December 2006)
Misshapen Giants Emerge From Mournland (December 2006)
'Lost 39th' Regiment Emerges From Talorn (January 2007)
Prince Aejar's Climbing Expedition to Mount Herrian Overdue (January 2007)
Sharn Guard Breaks Mysterious Cult; 18 Dead (January 2007)
Freak Windstorm Wreaks Havoc (January 2007)
Q'barran Settlements Under Siege (January 2007)
Earthquakes Raise Eruption Concerns (February 2007)
Investigator: Motive Unclear in Slaying (February 2007)
Calls for End to Fortress Moves (February 2007)
Karrn Employed Necromancy (March 2007)
Lhazaar Investment Pacts Announced (March 2007)
Breland Apologizes for Arrest (March 2007)
Thrane Decorates Bridge of Stars (April 2007)
Hundreds in Karrnathi Land Rush (April 2007)
Last Exchequer Conspirator to be Hanged (April 2007)
Relief Convoy Attacked in Aundair (June 2007)
General's Family: The End is Near (June 2007)
Crowds Expected for Morgrave Graduation (June 2007)
Brideveil Waterfall Reverses Course (June 2007)
Four Bodies Found in Burned Carriage (July 2007)
Phiarlan Musicians in Demand (July 2007)
New Mine in Goradra Gap (August 2007)
Smoke from Wildfires Darkens Skies Over Vedykar (August 2007)

[h=2]Steal This Hook[/h]
Mysterious Disappearances (September 2004)
Found in an Old Book (September 2004)
Scofflaw Heroics (October 2004)
Ghoulish Tales (October 2004)
Life-or-Death Countdowns (November 2004)
War-Weary Souls (November 2004)
The Dark-Cloaked Stranger (December 2004)
The Lhazaar Principalities (December 2004)
The Trials of Academia (January 2005)
Unusual Jobs (January 2005)
Death's Chilly Hand (February 2005)
Dramatic Brawls (March 2005)
Airship Action (April 2005)
Shocking Admissions (May 2005)
The Inescapable Past (June 2005)
The Tyrannical Eye (July 2005)
Relics of a Bygone Age (August 2005)
Mini-Hook Madness (September 2005)
Forged in War (October 2005)
Plane-Shaking Events (November 2005)
Three-Dragon Ante (December 2005)
Dungeoneering Dilemmas (January 2006)
Eberron Adventure Hook Generator (February 2006)
Old Mysteries (March 2006)
Monsters in the Wilderness (April 2006)
Gold, Silver, and Copper (May 2006)
Demon Princes Among Us (June 2006)
Spawn of Evil (July 2006)
A Place to Call Home (August 2006)
Faith and Deed (September 2006)
Fear and Horror (October 2006)
Halfling Crimes (November 2006)
Devilish Doings (December 2006)
Stealing the Crown Jewels (January 2007)
Dungeon Dangers (February 2007)
"Let's Make a Deal" (March 2007)
Evil Hooks for Evil Characters (April 2007)
"Please Help Me" (May 2007)
Paladin Quests (June 2007)
Ravaging Monsters (July 2007)

[h=2]Xen'drik Expeditions articles[/h]
Welcome page
Xen'drik Expeditions Factionmasters (February 2006)
Child of Vulkoor (February 2006)
Getting Started (June 2006)
Character Sheet (Zip file, June 2006)
Progression Sheet (Zip file, June 2006)
Magic and Stack Sheet (Zip file, June 2006)
Blackwheel Company Adventure Journal (Zip file, June 2006)
Cabal of Shadows Adventure Journal (Zip file, June 2006)
Crimson Codex Adventure Journal (Zip file, June 2006)
Covenant of Light Adventure Journal (Zip file, June 2006)
Of Factions and Expeditions (June 2006)
Campaign Standards v.1.0 (August 2006)
The Litany (August 2006)
History of Power (August 2006)
The Obscura (August 2006)
Campaign Cards: Summer 2006 (October 2006)
Fastplay Characters (October 2006)
Campaign Standards v.1.1 (December 2006)
Character Rebuild Opportunity (December 2006)
Xen'drik Reporting Deadline (January 2007)
Company Overview and Primer (February 2007)
4th-Level Fastplay Characters (February 2007)
Campaign Standards v.2.0 (February 2007)
Chapter 1: Footholds (March 2007)
Dispel Confusion Vol.1, No.1 (April 2007)
Radiant Hold (April 2007)
Campaign Cards: Spring 2007 (May 2007)
The Caldyn Fragments (June 2007)
Fastplay Character Polls (June-July 2007)
Xen'drik Expeditions Reporting Deadline (July 2007)
Play Xen'drik During the Blackout (July 2007)
Campaign Standards v.3.0 (August 2007)
Campaign Reaches 7th Level (August 2007)
Chapter 2: Conflict (September 2007)
Campaign Cards: Summer and Fall 2007 (November 2007)
Campaign Standards v.4.0 (Zip file, February 2008)

[h=2]Other web articles[/h]
Eberron Campaign Setting Designer Interview (June 2004)
Eberron Campaign Setting Desktop Wallpapers and Screensaver (June 2004)
Eberron Campaign Setting Map Gallery (June 2004)
Eberron Campaign Setting Web Enhancement, Part 1: Eberron Character Sheet (June 2004)
Shadows of the Last War (July 2004)
Shadows of the Last War Art Gallery (July 2004)
Whispers of the Vampire's Blade Art Gallery (September 2004)
Sharn: City of Towers Designer Interview (November 2004)
Sharn: City of Towers Wallpapers & Screensaver (November 2004)
Sharn: City of Towers Web Enhancement: Lyrandar Tower! (November 2004)
Eberron Campaign Setting Web Enhancement, Part 3: Eberron World and Planar Calendar Utility (November 2004)
Eberron Campaign Setting Web Enhancement, Part 2: Khorvaire Poster Map (December 2004)
Shadows of the Last War Errata (Zip file, December 2004)
Grasp of the Emerald Claw Map Gallery (January 2005)
Sharn: City of Towers Map Gallery (February 2005)
PC Portraits: Races of Eberron (April 2005)
Explorer's Handbook Art Gallery (August 2005)
Magic of Eberron Map Gallery (August 2005)
Magic of Eberron Art Gallery (November 2005)
Player's Guide to Eberron Art Gallery (January 2006)
Player's Guide to Eberron Map Gallery (January 2006)
Eberron Campaign Setting Errata (Zip file, February 2006)
Sharn: City of Towers Errata (Zip file, February 2006)
Voyage of the Golden Dragon Art Gallery (April 2006)
Secrets of Xen'drik Art Gallery (July 2006)
Secrets of Xen'drik Map Gallery (July 2006)
Faiths of Eberron Art Gallery (September 2006)
PC Portraits: Faiths of Eberron (September 2006)
Faiths of Eberron Map Gallery (September 2006)
Dragonmarked Art Gallery (December 2006)
Secrets of Sarlona Art Gallery (February 2007)
Secrets of Sarlona Map Gallery (February 2007)
Secrets of Xen'drik Web Enhancement: Jungle Secrets (February 2007)
Secrets of Sarlona Web Enhancement, Part 1: Character Background (March 2007)
Secrets of Sarlona Web Enhancement, Part 2: Class and Character Themes (March 2007)
Secrets of Sarlona Web Enhancement, Part 3: The Town of Ardhmen (April 2007)
Eyes of the Lich Queen Art Gallery (April 2007)
The Forge of War Art Gallery (June 2007)
The Forge of War Map Gallery (June 2007)
4th Edition Conversion: Dragons of Eberron (November 2009)
4th Edition Conversion: City of Stormreach (November 2009)
Haruuc's Tomb: A Novel Adventure (March 2010)

[h=1]International products[/h]

[h=2]French translations[/h]
Eberron: Univers (May 2005)
Les Ombres de la Dernière Guerre (September 2005)
Les Murmures de l'Epée du Vampire (June 2006)
Sharn: La Cité des Tours (March 2006)
L'Etreinte de la Griffe d'Emeraude (December 2006)
Guide des Joueurs d'Eberron (September 2009)
L'Encyclopédie d'Eberron (October 2009)
La Couronne des Cendres (November 2009)

[h=2]German translations[/h]
Eberron Kampagnenwelt (April 2005)
Die Schatten des letzten Krieges (December 2005)
Die Träumende Finsternis 1: Die Stadt der Türme (February 2006)
Das Flüstern der Seelenklinge (March 2006)
Im Griff der Smaragdklaue (July 2006)
Die Träumende Finsternis 2: Das Zerstörte Land (August 2006)
Die Träumende Finsternis 3: Die Tore der Nacht (February 2007)
Sharn: Stadt der Türme (April 2007)
Spieler-Handbuch Eberron (August 2007)

[h=2]Italian translations[/h]
Ambientazione (November 2005)
Ombre dell'Ultima Guerra (April 2006)
Sharn: Città delle Torri (September 2006)
Sussurri della Lama del Vampiro (September 2006)
Razze di Eberron (September 2007)
Guida del giocatore a Eberron (November 2009)
Eberron Ambientazione (November 2009)

[h=2]Spanish translations[/h]
Eberron, Escenario de Campaña (2004)
Sombras de la Última Guerra (2004)
Susurros de la Hoja del Vampiro (2004)
Razas de Eberron (2005)
Sharn: La Ciudad de las Torres (2005)
En Manos de la Garra Esmeralda (2005)
Las Cinco Naciones (2006)
La Oscuridad Onirica Libro I: La Ciudad de las Torres (April 2008)
La Oscuridad Onirica Libro II: La Tierra Devastada (October 2008)
La Oscuridad Onirica Libro III: Las Puertas de la Noche (March 2009)

[h=1]Organized play[/h]

[h=2]Game Days[/h]
The Forgotten Forge (Game Day, October 2004)

[h=2]Mark of Heroes[/h]
Ran: 2005-2007

EMH-1: Reflections of the Multiverse
EMH-2: Pirate's Bounty and the Isle of Fire
EMH-3: No Ticket
EMH-4: Finding the Way
EMH-5: Gambit at Dreadhold
EMH-6: Blind Man's Hunt
EMH-7: The Delirium Stone
EMH-8: Freely Given
EMH-9: Mote in the Eye of Chaos
EMH-10: Desolate Endeavor
EMH-11: The Graywall Incident
EMH-12: Escape from Grea Tower
EMH-13: Deep Wood, Dark Heart
EMH-14: House of Madness
EMH-15: Price of Protection
XMH-1: Death in Darguun
XMH-2: Fallen of Sharn
XMH-3: The Unexpected Rift
XMH-4: To Spawn the Churning Discord

[h=2]Xen'drik Expeditions[/h]
Ran: 2006-2008

EXP-1: Well of Woe
EXP-2: Mere of Shattered Souls
EXP-3: Cairn of Stone Hearts
EXP-4: Sands of Fate and Fortune
EXP-5: Shargon's Rage
EXP-6: Taming the Hydra
EXP-7: Nightfall on Sorrowdusk
EXP-8: The Dead of Night
EXP-9: Endgame

Blackwheel Company
BWC-1: Principal of the Matter
BWC-2: Price of Success
BWC-3: Marked Man
BWC-4: The Trouble with Pirates
BWC-5: Tarnished Reputation
BWC-6: None Left Behind
BWC-7: A Test of Mettle
BWC-8: A Few Good Gnolls
BWC-9: A Plague Upon Your Houses
BWC-10: Pariah
BWC-11: When in Doubt, Charge!
BWC-12: The Twentieth Lash

Cabal of Shadows
CSH-1: The Sahuagin Stone
CSH-2: Shadow over Stormreach
CSH-3: Khyber's Children
CSH-4: Fire in the Heart of Madness
CSH-5: Night of Shadows
CSH-6: What Rough Beast
CSH-7: Whispers Behind the Door
CSH-8: Racing Midnight
CSH-9: The Darkest Heart
CSH-10: Thirst for Blood and Stone
CSH-11: With His Dying Breath
CSH-12: Dark Portents

Covenant of Light
CVN-1: Divine Inspiration
CVN-2: Crisis of Faith
CVN-3: The Good Die Young
CVN-4: Brave Soldiers
CVN-5: Things Fall Apart
CVN-6: The Price of Virtue
CVN-7: Dark Fugitive
CVN-8: Noble Savages
CVN-9: Choir of Angels
CVN-10: Fate, Interrupted
CVN-11: Greater the Fall
CVN-12: To Live Among You

Crimson Codex
CDX-1: Prophecy's Unwitting Servant
CDX-2: Forbidden Knowledge
CDX-3: Native Intelligence
CDX-4: Tomb of Tomes
CDX-5: The Korranberg Affair
CDX-6: Turn of the Page
CDX-7: A Costly Truth
CDX-8: If At First
CDX-9: Stormrider Slept Here
CDX-10: Chamber Made
CDX-11: A Shattered Mind's Maze
CDX-12: The End of the Viper's Trail

[h=2]Convention adventures[/h]
D&D Championship: Shards of Galifar (GenCon, August 2009)

[h=1]Unofficial Eberron material[/h]

[h=2]Charity adventures[/h]
Dolurrh's Dawn (January 2012)

[h=2]Keith Baker's blog[/h]
Eberron Update: The Order of the Emerald Claw and Zombies (August 2010)
Eberron Round-Up (September 2010)
Eberron: Gunpowder and Item Rarity (September 2010)
Eberron FAQ 9/25/2010: Emailbag (September 2010)
Thorn of Breland & Drawing Results (October 2010)
A Few Things About Eberron Novels… (October 2010)
Eberron FAQ 10/7/2010: Pronunciation, the Planes, and things I can’t answer! (October 2010)
Desolate and Dining the the Demon Wastes (October 2010)
Eberron Thoughts: Do Warforged Dream of Iron Defenders? (September 2011)
Eberron News (January 2012)
Eye On Eberron: Baator… and the Sovereign Host! (February 2012)
Dragonmarks 3/28: Roots of Magic (March 2012)
Dragonmarks 4/4: Good and Evil (April 2012)
Dragonmarks 4/11: Religion, Faith and Souls (April 2012)
What have YOU done with Eberron? (April 2012)
Dragonmarks: Ask Questions Here! (April 2012)
Dragonmark 4/18: The Mark of Death (April 2012)
Erandis Vol: Hot or Not? (April 2012)
Dragonmarks 4/25: Lightning Round! (April 2012)
Dragonmarks 5/1: The Dragonmarked Houses (May 2012)
Dragonmarks 5/3: Aberrant Dragonmarks (May 2012)
Dragonmarks 5/9: Lightning Round 2 (May 2012)
Dragonmarks 5/23: Lightning Round 3! (May 2012)
Bonus Dragonmark: Zilargo vs House Cannith! (May 2012)
Dragonmarks 5/31: The Dwarves (May 2012)
Eberron Discussion: Do You Want the Timeline Advanced? (June 2012)
Dragonmarks 6/6: Droaam and the Daughters of Sora Kell (June 2012)
Dragonmarks 6/14: Lightning Round 4! (June 2012)
Dragonmarks: Sovereign Swords and Favored Nations (June 2012)
Dragonmarks: Valenar and Tairnadal (June 2012)
Dragonmarks 8/9: Lightning Round 5! (August 2012)
Dragonmarks 8/23: Moons, Planes, Warforged, and the Zil! (August 2012)
Dragonmark 9/13: Cthulhu, Silver Flame, and More! (September 2012)
Dragonmark 9/26: What Makes A Monster? (September 2012)
Dragonmarks 10/3: Eberron and 13th Age (October 2012)
Dragonmarks 10/18: Converting Eberron (October 2012)
Dragonmarks 11/1: Sports, Holidays, and More! (November 2012)
Dragonmarks 12/5: Siberys, Flame and Hybrids! (December 2012)
Dragonmarks 12/21: Is Boranel Evil (December 2012)
Dragonmarks 1/25: Codex, Cannith, and Changes I'd Make (January 2013)
Dragonmarks 1/30: Dreams, Werewolves, and DM Etiquette (January 2013)
Dragonmarks 2/20: Demons and Deathless! (February 2013)
Dragonmarks 2/26: Teleportation, Warforged, Paladins and More! (February 2013)
Dragonmarks 3/4: The Lords of Dust (March 2013)
Dragonmarks 3/27: Khyber and Archivists (March 2013)
Bakery News & Eberron Q&A! (May 2013)


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