The Mourning After (Horror) (IC)

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Possibly a Idiot.
Jailbreak! Round 5.

Maladiel Casts a spell as a distraction, causing the electric fence to spark and ark, giving the Ogre-Bird pause. Then makes his escape.
Lazharis rifles through the pack discovering a few weapons and supplies.
The Ogre-Bird decides to not press its luck against the fence, instead opting to eat another of the downed guards.
Ozzar’s words seem to have roused the spirits of the bystanding prisoners, with a clear path to safety, they scramble for the hole in the fence.
Malix picks up a pack, then follows Xian out of the enclosure.
Vesile makes her way towards freedom, stopping only to give her friend advice "You better get moving before those sods trample you! Or worse, the guards get you again! I’ll meet you in the bluehouse, you can bring your friends, if only for the added muscle.”

Lazharis recognises the message : The bluehouse is a safehouse below a nearby residence.
The Ogre-Bird fails to recognize the sparking is fake!
Investigation check.: 1D20-2 = [1]-2 = -1

Normally it takes an action to disprove a Minor Illusion, but Prestidigitation isn’t quite as powerful for deception as Minor Illusion. Also, a negative check, that’s a rarity for 5e!

Packs collected: 2

Lazharis has Ozzar’s Explorer's pack, including a Warpick and Two Handaxes.

Malix has Xian’s Entertainer’s pack, including a Recorder, Dagger, and Rapier.

Both packs include all items that were listed as being in them.
Ogre-Bird. AC 15, HP -11 (slightly hurt), Passive Perception: 13, Initiative: 15

Vesile: AC 14, HP ??, Passive Perception: 13, Initiative: 7.

Lazharis. AC: 14, HP: 3/9, Passive Perception: 14, Initiative: 21 (bloody)
Maladiel. AC: 12, HP: 5/7, Passive Perception: 14, Initiative: 22, Spells: 2/2. FBTG: 1/1.
Malix. AC: 17, HP: 8/10, Passive Perception: 15, Initiative: 8
Xian. AC: 13, HP: 7/9, Passive Perception: 13, Initiative: 7, Spells: 1/2 + D, BI: 3/3
Ozzar. AC 16: HP: 13/11, Passive Perception: 13, Initiative: 10?, SW: 1/1

This is effectively End Of Combat, unless you want to stick around for some reason.


"Feel free to follow me," suggested Lazharis to the others, with a tone that suggested that he didn't care if they did or not, "I know a place where we can lay low."

He will lead the group by a complicated route, trying to lose any following guards, spies, or other observers, and eventually to the bluehouse.

Ozzar follows the group, using the opportunity to properly don the shield and wield a weapon. He doesn't like the term "lie low", sounds too much as a criminal...but in this instance where they are literal fugitives he is willing to evaluate the situation first, report to the authorities second.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Maladiel is uncharacteristically silent as he follows Lazharis, hoping to talk to the elf later to get an estimate of what he's about. For now, however, he just wants to get away from that creature and those who want to lock him up.

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