The Mourning After (Horror) (IC)

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Lazharis looked down at his now-mangled arm at the roots and stems that now grew there.

"I suppose that was interesting, if unfortunate." he said, with only a slight hint of disappointment, "Though hardly the worst thing that I've been through."

Ozzar frantically pulls at the flower and surprisingly it comes out!

But it simply pulls out of his arm as an endless cord, or at least, longer than his arm. His pulls at it, but it simply pools on the floor while still remaining connected to him.

He stops, breathing heavily. "It doesn't hurt anymore."
The plant slowly retreats into his arm. "I can kinda feel it."
He focuses "Creepy feeling." The plant stops retreating and lifts from the ground to wave vaguely around before continuing to retreat
"But it doesn't seem it will kill me immediately. Let's go on. Malix, I will pay attention it doesn't spread, but if you cannot cut it our right now, we can play with it later. We're on a mission and still in danger."


Lazharis, too, was curiously fondling his vine-arm. He found a hard-bit that he hoped was not his radial bone, and he picked at it with his other hand. Suddenly it popped out, creating a single large claw-like thorn. He waved it around in a similar fashion to how he wielded his sword, taking a few mock-passes through the air.

When he stopped, he rolled his shoulder and shook his arm, and the claw-thorn retreated into his forearm.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Maladiel looks in disgust at the plants now growing out of his companions. Even if that viny thing may help in some way, it still isn’t what the Khorovar considers pretty or, well, not-repulsive.

”Keep that away from the rest of us, alright?” he says with a hint of anxiety.


HP: 5/15:. AC 13

Xian had watched his companions sacrifice some blood in an effort to help their progress. When the plants seemed to take over he became very concerned. Was this a trap after all?

When his companions seemed otherwise unharmed except being weakened and partly transformed he relaxed slightly. It was still concerning. It might be possible to cure them but not here. They didn't have the resources.

"We have to move on if possible. I wish we had time to rest and recover."


Possibly a Idiot.
Yelisha nods at Xian's words, then faces Ozzar "That scream will draw them. We should move out."

Vesile dusts herself off and goes to her companion "Are you, well, Lazharus?"

GM: Any last min additions, or is it time to move the scene forward?

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