D&D 5E The new interaction rules


Did anyone used the new interaction rules? If so, How did it go? Did you use the Ideal, Flaw and Bond rules?

Personally, from reading them they seems unfinished, maybe it's only because they lack enough examples but I would like some guidelines to how to rule/roll when the party is speaking with a potential patron and some guidelines when they talk with a group of monsters.

Anyway, I'm going to use them on my next MiBG session when the players meet with Real in little Calishman, would have come in handy when they met Torlin Silvershield last session.


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They do seem unfinished. I want to have complete lists of possible ideals, flaws and bonds as a way to start off. At this point I'm too lazy to develop my own just to test it out.

The Live Stream to Lich Queen's Beloved included the bonds, ideals and flaws. I like how the last episode forced PCs to adapt new flaws after a psionic trap messed with their minds. It threw the entire game on its side and added an element of unpredictability. I think that works well for a one shot or a tournament game session, but not sure how it would work in a campaign.

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