The OGL: Why is this really happening, and what to do now...

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What part of anything they have said to date, indicates this is happening?

Further, considering 1.2 (or 2.0 or whatever we want to call any and every version of the leaked language) is not remotely 'Open', the point is moot.

1.0, must remain untouched, or strengthened, everything else is an unnecessary concession.

Show me.
Everything under the 1.0, would remain there, in some legal limbo, if the 1.0 is deauthorized. Going to CC (and no I wont go to 1.2) wont fix that. Nor will ORC.

I already said:
All 1.0 contents can be made explicitely legal in 1.0a. Every fair use of it. OGL 1.2 can be made good enough to be used by 3PP publishers.
23 years ago was a very different time and there are many contracts that needed an update to account for recent events and tenchnology.
So if a good compromise can be reached, I see it as fair.

My red line is bullying current publishers out of business. So if they are cementing status quo for the next 20 years or so seems fair enough. Then you might need to update again.

Right now I am not too happy with the offered 1.2. There are a few things that need to be changed. But I can see them going in the right direction. Closing the dialogue now is premature.


To pull a veil over the eyes of folks.
I don't see it that way. It is the right thing to do, for a couple reasons.
1.2 will never be Open. It will never be as good as 1.0. To accept it in any fashion weakens the community position for 1.0 (a or hypothetical b).
That is speculation of course. I am told by lawyers that OGL 1.0 isn't written well and as only worked because it hasn't been challenged. I hope we can get a legally sound document that improves on what the OGL 1.0 started. It may not happen, but until we don't get that, I will continue to hope.


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This discussion has some issues.

@Dustin_00 and @UngeheuerLich - The bickering really doesn't make either of you look great. And a couple of others seem more than willing to follow suit.

If you can't even bother to treat your fellow gamers well, what, really, is the point? Be better.

Considering I dont believe its required, and I dont trust Wizards to pull some Lawful Evil trick, not really.

I'd consider a separate binding legal statement from them a bonus, then they can walk into the sun.

See, I refrain from categorizing in good and evil (except in my D&D game). I try to see their reasoning and understand what they did. Usually it follows some logic.
Lets say, you are an employee at WotC who is dependend on WotC having a certain exclusivity, becauae otherwise the thing you did would not be financial viable. So your job depends on it.
Do you think it is evil?

That does not mean, it was anywhere near a good idea to jump on 3PP with such an insulting OGL 1.1. I think it was bullying.
Now lets see how the bully reacts to resistance. It is not a cool thing to become the bully yourself. This just ends in a spiral of hate.

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