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The One Ring 2E's Collector's Cover


Well, that was fun
Staff member
Cubicle 7 has shared the cover of the Collector's Edition of its upcoming The One Ring 2nd Edition. It comes in a slipcase, and is leather-bound with silver elf-script on the front, and LotR's famous poem on the back.


There's no release date yet for this, but the 2E version of the rules is now called "The One Ring - The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game" (1E didn't have LotR in the name).

More images here.


Oh, I really really like the aesthetics of this collector´s editions. I would buy it but I think AiME fits my group better to play in Middle-Earth


Expert Long Rester
Well, AiME will eventually catch up to the current releases for TOR and then we may get the fancy cover treatment for this next phase also.
I do hope for a time when TOR and AiME products are release side by side.

Also I would suggest a few things if they were going for an AiME 2nd edition. ;)