Moria Through the Doors of Durin Pre-Orders Open

Free League’s campaign for The One Ring and Lord of the Rings 5e coming in August


Free League has opened pre-orders for the mega-dungeon campaign Moria Through the Doors of Durin for The One Ring 2nd Edition and the equivalent content for Lord of the Rings Roleplaying for 5e, Moria – Shadow of Khazad-dûm.

From the announcement:

Explore the epic campaign module delving into the depths of Khazad-dûm, for The One Ring™ and The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying (5E)

Moria™ – Through the Doors of Durin

No harp is wrung, no hammer falls.

The darkness dwells in Durin’s halls;

The shadow lies upon his tomb

In Moria, in Khazad-dum.

Cross the threshold, adventurer, and delve deep! The gates will soon open for adventurers to enter the depths of Khazad-dûm. The epic campaign expansion Moria™ – Through the Doors of Durin for the multiple award-winning second edition of The One Ring™ roleplaying game based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, is now available for pre-order in the Free League webshop ahead of the August 1 official release day, giving immediate access to a complete PDF.

The expansion will also be released on the same date in a version for the 5E edition The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying, under the title Moria – Shadow of Khazad-dûm™. The 5E version is also available to pre-order here.

Set in the years before Balin’s doomed expedition, Moria™ – Through the Doors of Durin contains a hoard of Patrons, Landmarks, foes, encounters and treasures that a Loremaster can use to construct their own adventures in Moria – from a single desperate journey in the dark to a grand campaign to retake Durin’s Halls.

Kickstarter Backer? If you took part in the Kickstarter for Moria™ – Through the Doors of Durin and Moria – Shadow of Khazad-dûm™ last year, your rewards will be shipped before any pre-orders are shipped for the same region of the world.



About Moria™ – Through the Doors of Durin

For long ages, the great city of the Dwarrowdelf was the seat of Dwarven kings. Deep they delved beneath the roots of the mountains in search of Mithril, the fabled Moria-silver. Wonders they wrought there, by the light of crystal lamps. But a thousand years ago, Durin’s Bane arose and drove the Dwarves from their halls. The city fell into darkness, becoming an abode of Orcs, Goblins – and worse.

But now, there is hope! Countless Orcs perished at the Battle of Five Armies, and it may be the Halls of Durin lie empty once more, waiting to be reclaimed by those with the courage to face the long dark under the mountain. Maybe there are piles of treasure there, waiting to be claimed. Maybe Mithril still glimmers in the mines under Caradhras.


Moria™ – Through the Doors of Durin includes:

  • And At The Gates, The Trumpets Rang: Rivals, allies and patrons in the quest for Moria, as well as a history of the Dwarven city from its founding to its fall.
  • Journeys in the Dark: Journey rules adjusted for underground exploration, Moria-specific Undertakings, and advice on running games and campaigns set in the city.
  • Fell Foes lists the Orcs and other enemies that may be found in the city – and rules for risking an encounter with Durin’s Bane.
  • The Mansions of the Dwarves is the largest part of the book, describing Landmarks and hazards in the various regions of Moria.

Moria™ – Through the Doors of Durin describes the city of the Dwarves and the surrounding lands as they were in the last years of the Third Age. For each region of Moria, we describe Landmarks, factions and non-player characters that the Loremaster can use as desired.


There is no ‘true’ Moria — in one game, maybe the great quest of the heroes is to loot the fabled Treasure Vault of Uruktharbun. In another, the treasure vault might have lain broken and empty for a thousand years; in another, it never existed at all. Moria is to be explored cautiously; even the Wise cannot trust their memories in this place.


Each hardcover will be available on August 1 and those pre-ordering will gain access to the PDF immediately. Pre-orders are available for KR478 (US$45.62, £35.91) each.

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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott


In the end, I decided I am going to run a single slot of TOR2 Moria for Carnage (convention in Killington, VT). Here is the sketch and blurb first draft:

The PCs are a trio of dwarf brothers and hired help (a hobbit, a man of Dale, and an exiled elf) who are intent on recovering a family heirloom from Moria. They have a rough map to where they are going and don’t really believe the “Durin’s Bane” stories. They discover that a faction of orcs lives in the family’s old estates and even have slaves who are descendents of their family that did not escape. In the end they will have to choose between the treasure and their kin.

“By The Beards Of Our Fathers”
Over one thousand years ago, the great city of Khazad-dum fell to a terrible force known only as Durin’s Bane. Long has your family sought to reclaim lost heirlooms still thought to be secured in your family’s vault. Despite tales of orcs and worse in Moria, you and your companions will descend into the Black Pit and recover what rightfully belongs to you.

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