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The Pathfinder 2 Barometer! Vote your initial hot take!

Pathfinder fans! What's your initial takeaway gut reaction to the news of Pathfinder 2? Vote in the poll (if you are using a platform which doesn't show the poll, find it here).

Pathfinder fans! What's your initial takeaway gut reaction to the news of Pathfinder 2? Vote in the poll (if you are using a platform which doesn't show the poll, find it here).



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Slumbering in Tsar
I voted "meh" although I *could* care less. :)

I enjoyed Pathfinder 1, but don't think I'll play Pathfinder 2 (and I certainly will not subscribe like I do with Pathfinder 1). I will likely take a look, though.


Between first and second. Overall, seems good, but some things, I'm a bit wary of. Waiting curiously for the blog posts detailing the specific parts.


Follower of the Way
Not a fan of PF1 generally, unless I'm in the mood for some ultra-gonzo play. Kinda wish there were a "cautiously optimistic," since that fits better than "intrigued" or "not a fan" (which is what I picked, being closest to true). I'm equal parts DEEPLY skeptical that they can actually fix the holes in the 3e ruleset...and hopeful they'll actually pull it off. The degree to which the (fluffy, egregiously corp-speak-laden) announcement/FAQ actually seems to reference 4e, in addition to 5e is part of what nurtures that hope in defiance of my skepticism.
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I'm somewhere in-between "Intrigued; I'll take a look" and " Meh. Couldn't care less."

I was a Pathfinder fan and a *huge* Paizo fanboy for a long time, but the constant parade of new books really ruined PF for me. The game was always breakable, and option creep just shattered any pretense of balance.
I do want to see the rules first, as I have reservations.

But I really dig 5e, so it will be hard pulling me away from that edition. However, my players might really appreciate a game halfway between PF and 5e, with more building and character customization.
And I do have some PF adventures I would like to play through. I *might* put my 5e game on hold and run and updated Carrion Crown or Emerald Spire for a couple months.

Okay… I say that I want to playtest, but I probably won't.
My players will likely only be halfway through the Tomb of Annihilation and have spent six months doing 5e/ fantasy. If we wanted to take a break, it would be to play FFG's Edge of the Empire or Star Trek Adventures. We won't be ready to hit the playtest during the small window of actually being able to test through play.
The playtest period isn't particularly long. It's a year between the playtest book being released and the final book coming out, but with layout, printing, shipping and the like they'll need to lock in the rules by January or February. Previous PFRPG hardcover playtests for GenCon releases have wrapped up in December. And having seen narrow playtest times and hard deadlines result Mythic Adventures and the Advanced Class Guide, I'm a little wary with what will happen with a full ruleset and twelve classes.

They're saying Starfinder tested a few of the new mechanics… but that was pretty heavily 3e. Star Wars Saga went farther in terms of innovation and changing the game than Starfinder (and that game predated Pathfinder. And having seen some of the teased changes in Pathfinder Unchained, I want to see if they've been improved. (The three action system in particular was problematic and much slower than Standard/Move/Swift.)

Having bought 3e, and 3.5e, and Pathfinder, and Starfinder, and Star Wars Saga, and Midnight, and Iron Heroes I've bought a heck of a lot of variations on d20. I have that ruleset. I have it in spades. I don't really need it again.
Pathfinder 2nd Edition really needs to get away from the baseline math and rules of 3e and remake the game. Actually rebuild and fix 3e rather than just building yet another game on old, shaky foundation.


"Diegetics", by L. Ron Gygax
Intrigued. New is good. If it doesn't live up to its hype, it'll still be fun to watch it develop, and there are thousands of other games to play.


41st lv DM
As in years past with the coming of AD&D2e, 3e, 4e, PF1, & 5e - intrigued. I'll definitely take a look.

Kobold Boots

Generally, I'm a fan of high-quality publishers and long standing product ownership.

I did not support WoTC's purchase of TSR. I do not like Magic the Gathering owning D&D. That's an oversimplified argument at best because the other option is no D&D at all.

I do prefer D&D 4e over any previous or future version of D&D. Why? Because I believe that WoTC truly owns that and I'm a tabletop war gamer by genome. When they moved to 5e, I didn't like it.

My love for Paizo is due to their extremely high production values and the feeling that they're truly invested in their product. (Even if I didn't play PF 1e much) No Hasbro behind them to screw things over or protect them. If it sucks they fix it. So I'll be subscribing to 2e, dropping 5e and keeping my collection of 4e stuff.

Helps that I write a lot of stuff, have no problem converting things on the fly, and waited to get into 5e until it matured some.

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