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The Pathfinder 2 Barometer! Vote your initial hot take!

Pathfinder fans! What's your initial takeaway gut reaction to the news of Pathfinder 2? Vote in the poll (if you are using a platform which doesn't show the poll, find it here).

Pathfinder fans! What's your initial takeaway gut reaction to the news of Pathfinder 2? Vote in the poll (if you are using a platform which doesn't show the poll, find it here).



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Will watch with caution. It's not bad timing for a new edition. I found what was new in Starfinder mostly not a good idea, but I see some encouraging signs Paizo are prepared to listen to push-back on it.


Intrigued, and will get the pdf of the core rules when they release to check it out, but I'm happy with what I'm playing right now.


I am definitely intrigued and will have a look. I find myself in the Starfinder camp at the moment so that does allow me a little distance (as long as the sweet sweet Starfinder keeps flowing).

I was definitely in the "Dont need a new edition" camp but as that boat as floated so to speak it will be interesting to see which way they decide to go. I still think that a year playtest is going to be too short.
It seems like some of the mechanics (e.g., three-action rounds) have already been playtested via earlier portions of 1E Pathfinder, such as in Unchained. It is definitely different when these rules are option versus when they are assumed as the default. And it is unclear how many people actually played with the Unchained rules, for example. Additionally, it remains to be seen how all the pieces will fit together in the package deal. But I am definitely intrigued and cautiously optimistic.


I gave up on PF after spending LOADS on it. I’m just not interested in character optimization any longer, and I’m not interested in having to go online and search for threads on how certain mechanics (especially with certain classes) are supposed to work. I never did understand the Summoner/Eidolon (always felt I *had* to be missing something...), and that was relatively early on as far as releases.

I’m actually a bit curious regarding a PF2, but I have no interest in the long march toward Ultimate Magic 2e, Ultimate Combat 2e, et cetera ad nauseam.

I respect those who love PF, though. In the end, it is just a game.


I think this could potentially great news for Paizo and its fans.

While 4E, 13th Age, and Shadow of the Demon Lord have me covered, I'm definitely going to take a look at this. It's well and truly overdue. I don't mind players having tonnes of options but Pathfinder, like 3.xE, was/is too much work for the DM and often for too little return.

I hope this doesn't mean a wave of retrenchments at Paizo: If they're going to be spamming out so much product I suspect they won't need so many people. That said, I also suspect that it's either do the new edition or perish.


I was invited to play in a Pathfinder game a year or so ago, and discovered I really disliked the system (so many things I had completely forgotten about from 3e...). Oddly enough my antipathy for the system probably makes me a bit more interested in checking it out, if only to see how they correct the things I didn't like. If nothing else I may find some things to steal for my 5e games.

I liked the idea of PF 1...but became quickly disenchanted with the execution of it. I love the concept of PF 2...I hope execution is more to my tastes.

Erik Mona

Paizo should have introduced this via a kickstarter as opposed to pre-order... that way they could capture the interest and build excitement. I don't know why, but I rarely pre-order anything, but I back a ton of kickstarters!

We considered that, but didn't feel like that would be fair to our brick and mortar retailer partners, who are a significant part of the Pathfinder ecosystem, and one that we're trying to support more and more.


super excited.

cannot find a preorder option, any idea when it will be possible to preorder it?
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