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He turns to the table where Talkrai, Susan, and the others are sitting and takes two strides before rounding on Ryda again with a very serious look on his face. He leans in close and says in a hushed tone, deathly serious, “My brother’s name is Asparagus. He is more than a bit touchy about the matter. We shall not speak of it again.” He heads back to the table, leading the charming half-orc.
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Yea, that was a good one. It's funny to me because I end up attributing certain voices to characters as I read and I can just hear him saying this in my head and that makes it all the funnier since I'm currently getting something like Giacamo from The Court Jester for Pis.

[sblock=Giacamo for those that don't know him][ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_lAFDbnMLA"]YouTube- The Court Jester[/ame][/sblock]


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Captain Nicolas turns around, grasping the horns of the dragon and his face creases in concentration. The ship lifts off it's moorings and tilts to one side. "She flies..but awkwardly. Repairs can be done on the way, it's a long journey. Looks like your friend already has a head start." He points to Tondrek, who has enginneered a harness and is hanging upside-down on the side of the ship, several hundred feet above solid ground. Several screws are held between his toes, a hammer is in his mouth, and a small saw is in one hand. He waves, oblivious of the danger.
Evo knows Tondrek so well... :cool:
I'm looking at the character creation for this but I cant find in the books where this Background Trait stuff is. Can someone point me to the right page?


You can find backgrouds in the PHB2 on page 178. There are tons more in the following books, but that's where the kicked off in earnest.

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So, back to the great RP examples:

The recent events in Cannith Caper have been wunderbar! So, end encounter is with a warforged dragon, a superweapon created in the last days of the War, which was recently reactivated and achieved sentience. It`s got desires now to rule the world (who doesn't? ;)) by recreating the Dhakani empire with her/it at its lead. She/it had no problem revealing its plan as its positive that it will destroy the PC's if they're opposed to it. She has no fight with them however and offered them a chance to leave of their volition.

Now the interesting part, Tock, Mal and Talos offered to join her, considering they'd just mowed through a large group of her servitors in the previous encounter. The dragon considered and then accepted.

The whole situation (including the reactions from Deimos, Haltor, and Braddock) was awesome! I love this stuff because as a DM it keeps it interesting for me also. Great job all around... and this led to my inspiration for two follow-up adventures, To Serve a Dragon (submitted) and To Stop a Dragon (working title, to be done in July or so).


I thought this was well deserving of being here. During the current encounter a few creatures got loose from their cages and we were ambushed by a group of enemies from behind. Muzdum (Voda's PC) manages to grab one of teh bugbear and throw it into a cage with the manticore (after stonegod's Tondrek shuts the arcane lock on it). Now it's locked in there with a pissed off, injured manticore. Sucks to be that bugbear....

Muzdum's axe is inescapable, he hacks at both bugbears when they try to both attack his allies and escape his wrath. With shouts of "RRRAAG!" "Raaahahaha!" and other similar onomatopoeic grunts and sounds, Muzdum delivers pain effectively.
One of the bugbers however, manages to connect a solid blow, one that would take any other to its knees. But not Muzdum, he endures and grins. When the bugbears attempts to escape his unnaturally resilient foe, Muzdum runs behind him, grabs him by the hair, and slams him into the manticore's cell! The acrobatic bugbear manages to hit the walls, but is not in not so friendly company... "Now stay in 'ere and feed di manticore!"


Okay, this is complicated:

Bugbear 2 attacks an ally, so Muzdum gets the immeiate interrupt Combat challenge: Muzdum hits him dealing 22 dmg.
After B2 finishes his attack, Muzdum has his Combat agility attack: He hits, dealing 17 additional damage and knocking B2 prone, and Muzdum gets to shift 3.
Bugbear 3 hits Muzdum, and he saves from falling prone. It attempts to shift, which triggers Combat Challenge, Muzdum hits for 22 damage and grabs B3, stopping him from moving.
But this doesn't stop here!
Muzdum, having B3 grabbed, uses slamming rush, moving B3 to its current position in the map, next to sweet little manticore. He misses the attack so no extra damage though.
Muzdum marks B3