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Interesting! Glad to hear you managed to get to the bottom of it by talking it out. Sounds like you're both more on the same page now. Here's to hoping this game lasts all summer and that both Adam and you are satisfied by the time it wraps up!

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Unserious gamer

Well, turns out Adam fell for some game sabotage. Ahhh...classic Outside the Box game drama.

So there are plenty of local players that hate me. And Adam knows plenty of them. So right after the second game, he was taking to some of them. So they went to a whole story about how a player should "rush ahead and do their planned back story because some DMs, like me, won't let a player do their background adventure. And also that some DMs, like me, might have games end before a 'poor player' can do their characters backstory quest...so you should do it as soon as possible." And Adam is the type to fall for that.

And yea, one of the players Jay was in a game I ran a couple years ago. Jays is one of the "writes a novella backstory" types. So he had a whole "orcs killed my parents and stole my dads super magic sword". This is a group game so the four other players pick an adventure to go on. But not Jay, he wants to run off on his own and find and kill the orcs and get the sword back. I make it very clear I'm not interested at all in running two games at the same time: he must game with the group. And the group does not want to do his solo quest, of course. And Jay rejected the idea of playing any solo game...he "had to" have a group for an audience.

So Jay was 'forced' to play with the group. The game only lasts a month, as two players up and quit. And the game breaks up and ends. And Jay gets all mad that "I" stopped him from doing his characters backstory.

So that is why Adam was acting so weird. Me and the other two players calm Adam down. And we recon the game back to the end of session 2. And then game forward.
We live in a society.

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