The PRESTIGE: Spells of Illusion


The PRESTIGE, Spells of Illusion!

The second book in the series, from the author of Magic Spell Cheat Sheets and The GRIM: Spells of Necromancy on Dungeon Masters Guild.

More than a hundred new spells from the school of illusion for your 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign!

This product contains the following:

✦ A table of contents, including page numbers for all of the spells.

✦ A foreword from the author.

✦ 1-sentence summaries for the spells in the book.

✦ Class spell lists for the spells in the book.

✦ A poem for illusionists.

✦ 114 illusion spells.

Please feel free to leave a comment for feedback or a review. It helps to improve the product.

You can follow the author's updates on Facebook (@JohnnyRPG) and Twitter (@StorytellerHero)

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