Free The Quickstart Guide to Game Mastering - From beginner to running your first DnD 5e adventure in no time!


Too many people who could be incredible Game Masters stop themselves before ever running their first game. They get overwhelmed with too much information, or feel anxiety when they compare themselves to the ideal GM in their heads.

After 100+ hours of work, Sword & Source is proud to present The Quickstart Guide to Game Mastering. It is a project dedicated to helping more players take their first step into running the game.

The free guide provides a detailed, step-by-step approach to running your first game of D&D 5th edition. It covers things like mindset, supplies, and what basic rules you can ignore for your first game.

It includes a complimentary adventure by LoreCraft Adventures to make starting even easier. The adventure takes the players to the small town of Wildbirch where a mysterious blight has infected the forest and its inhabitants.

We really hope that you enjoy it and share it with someone who has been thinking about running the game. The world needs more Game Masters!


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