The Rape of Morne - Part 2 (Updated 2/26)


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Thank you very much, Sepulchrave, for giving me a story hour that, in addition to fabulous characters and imagery, actually made me think.

Your work is truly appreciated.


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OK, I sent new ones to:


and resent missing files 1 & 2 to:


Enjoy :D


Hopefully Grodog is still watching this thread despite the new beginnings... I'd like a copy of the compilation as well, please. And thank you for your efforts. Just remove the capitalized part. :)

Has anyone ever found out whether Sep would mind it being hosted on a web page? I'm randomly guessing he would, because he's publishing it, but on the other hand it's all available here for free, so I wasn't sure...

Yes, that means I'm volunteering my webspace if he's interested. :)

And of course, just to be fair I have to add the This Storyhour Rocks part. :D


Wow. :eek: Wow.

I'm a bit of a lurker here but this is truly the greatest SH I've ever read. It truly aspires to greatness. I would very much like a mail with the comiled stories -

Many Thanks


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