D&D 5E The "Sealed Envelope" Character Campaign. Would you play?

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Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
I would not play in such a campaign. The deal killer was the personality traits - that's important for me for a campaign. I'd do it for a one-shot though. There is also a stumbling block of potentially being reduced to sidekick status - I assume that if there are rules in the campaign pitch about 3rd+ deaths that multiple deaths are expected, and frankly I don't want to instill more caution and slow play in order to avoid such a problem, nor to discourage players from playing things like front liners which is a support to other characters. (A battlemaster fighter as a front liner and another as an archer are equally sturdy chassis, but one is much more likely to get attacked regularly.)


As a trained actor with an interest in psychology, I'd be down for trying it as brief experiment with an option to extend it into a whole campaign if it turned out to be an interesting party that everyone wanted to play.

Although I personally would be interested in having the character's background and personality already defined, I think overall the idea would generally work better with mechanically complete pregens without personality restrictions or at least with class already determined rather than personality traits.

Art Waring

I've run games with pregen characters, but never in the blind, so to speak. To me it sounds interesting because I like improv and getting to play characters I wouldn't normally pick myself.

I do know some players who are attached to playing their characters the way they want them, either way works for me, it just depends on player preference.

I think as a primarily forever GM I tend to think that I think differently about playing characters than the players at our table.

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