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The Seeker Vol 5, Issue 4 (TLG PR)

Troll Lord

First Post

CONTACT: Stephen Chenault
Troll Lord Games
Phone: (501) 661-0951
Email: troll@trolllord.com
Website: www.trolllord.com

The Seeker Vol. 5, Issue 4 is Out

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- September 20, 2003 – I'd like to invite everyone
over to the Troll Lord website to download the latest copy of the
Seeker, our free pdf newsletter.

We have the Angry Gamer, more stories of Erde, a moment of reflection for
the Castle and Crusade Society and a wee bit more (this one's a bit on the
short side). Next issues we promise to jam pack with information on the
developments of the Castle & Crusade Society!

Important to note a truck carting our Seeker mailing list got lost on the
information super highway and took our list with it. So if you would like
to receive the Seeker or were receiving the Seeker please drop me an email
and we'll get you signed back up.

About Troll Lord Games
Troll Lord Games debuted at Gencon 2000. Alongside it's hallmark
d20 line and The Codex of Erde, TLG publishes the Gygaxian Fantasy
World Series, Gary Gygax adventure modules and Necromancer Games.
For more information, visit our web site www.trolllord.com.
Copyright 2001, Troll Lord Games. "d20 System" and the d20 System
logo are Trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast and are used with

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Aitch Eye

First Post
I've been trying to come up with a witty and amusing way of pointing out that you already came out with a Vol 5, Issue 4 that doesn't come across as extraordinarily petty; but nothing's coming to me. Maybe if we were still doing the pirate thing I could. It's probably been pointed out on your own boards anyway.

Just so you'll know, I do actually take the time to look through these when they come out, rather than just obsessively downloading and filing them neatly away like I do with most of the free stuff that people put out.

Troll Lord

First Post

Ding fir blast it! You know I found the button to v5i4, but couldn't find the actual seeker. Davis changes the issue numbers around so much (just to irritate me) that it is quite a challenge to keep up!

LOL Thanks for the heads up!


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