D&D General the seven swords of wayland

been rewatching robin of sherwood and trying to see what these should be, and why?

these feel like serious plot hooks.

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Great episode. I loved that series. The music and mood were fantastic. That series was very innovative such as adding the Muslin outlaw to the mix. The character was supposed to die but the cast really liked the actor who played the role so the character was incorporated into the band of outlaws. The Swords could be used to activate portals in a Planescape campaign.


been rewatching robin of sherwood and trying to see what these should be, and why?

these feel like serious plot hooks.
OMG, I remember that show. Is it on any steaming service?

did some stewing and it came up with this, but unsure which sword be which and whether they fit at all, any ideas?

1. Wyrm Slayer​


  • Origins: Crafted by Wayland the Smith to combat the growing threat of dragons that terrorized the lands.
  • Significant Events: The sword was first wielded by a legendary hero who defeated the Great Wyrm, a dragon that had laid waste to entire villages. This hero became a dragon-slayer of renown, cementing Wyrm Slayer’s reputation.
  • Current Status: It is said to be lost in a dragon's lair, awaiting a new hero to reclaim it.

2. Sky Splitter​


  • Origins: Created during a time of great drought, Sky Splitter was meant to give its wielder control over the weather to bring rain and relief to the suffering.
  • Significant Events: A chieftain used the sword to end a decade-long drought, saving his people and becoming a revered figure. However, misuse of its power later led to catastrophic storms, and it was hidden away to prevent further disasters.
  • Current Status: Hidden in a remote temple, guarded by elemental spirits.

3. Heart Seeker​


  • Origins: Forged for a prince who sought to end a war by targeting and eliminating key enemy leaders with precision.
  • Significant Events: Heart Seeker was responsible for many decisive victories, as it could pierce through any armor and strike true. Its reputation grew as a weapon of unmatched accuracy.
  • Current Status: Believed to be in the possession of a secretive assassin’s guild.

4. Storm Bringer​


  • Origins: Crafted during an era of conflict between kingdoms, Storm Bringer was meant to grant its bearer the power of storms, making them formidable in battle.
  • Significant Events: A warlord used the sword to command lightning and thunder, decimating opposing armies and forging an empire. However, the sword’s power was also its curse, as the warlord became obsessed and eventually consumed by it.
  • Current Status: Entombed with the warlord, in a cursed crypt that few dare to enter.

5. Soul Reaver​


  • Origins: Forged in the darkest depths of Wayland's forge, Soul Reaver was intended to control and manipulate the souls of the fallen.
  • Significant Events: A necromancer wielded the sword to raise an army of the dead, nearly conquering the known world before being defeated by a coalition of heroes. The sword was then sealed away.
  • Current Status: Guarded by ancient wards and powerful spells in a forgotten catacomb.

6. Flame Tongue​


  • Origins: Created in the heart of a volcano, Flame Tongue embodies the essence of fire.
  • Significant Events: A fire mage used the sword to defend a city from an invading force, turning the tide of battle with its fiery power. However, its flames also brought great destruction, leading to a mixed legacy.
  • Current Status: Kept in a fire-proof vault within a guild of fire mages, who use it in dire emergencies.

7. Frost Fang​


  • Origins: Crafted during a time of great cold, Frost Fang was designed to control ice and frost, providing protection against the harsh winters.
  • Significant Events: A northern king used the sword to repel invaders from the frozen wastes, solidifying his rule. The sword's power helped sustain his kingdom through many harsh winters.
  • Current Status: Lost in a glacier after a battle, awaiting rediscovery.
These histories blend myth and fantasy, drawing from the rich tapestry of folklore surrounding Wayland the Smith and the legendary swords attributed to him. Each sword carries its own legacy, shaped by the deeds of those who wielded it and the tales passed down through generations.

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