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The Shackled City Pregame Thread


Ok everyone, here we go.

I will be running the Shackled City Adventure Path for you all. This will be run in Greyhawk.

I will be looking for 6 players, all starting at 1st Level.

-3.5 Rules
- Books Allowed: Core books, Complete Books*, Races*
-Books not allowed:BoVD, BoED, FR books, Planar, Unearthed Arcana
-Core Classes only;*
-Core races only
-Stats: Roll 4d6, reroll all 1's, and drop lowest dice
-Max HP at 1st Level
-Max starting Gold

*- Run these by me first just so I know where I can find the stuff; I also don't many of the Races books. Also, I am not a big fan of psionics, if this is desired just talk to me about it.

I am sure I am forgetting something, but someone will probably point it out.

Also, we will need to discuss whether you want your character to be a Local to the City of Cauldron or arriving from elsewhere. Also whether the characters will know each other, or if you want to RP the meeting.

Quick question, which Dice Roller should we use.


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Err, OK, I jumped the gun. I'll post a character AFTER we decide on a dice roller! (I guess I'm just used to point buy :eek: )

I also vote for being from Cauldron. Nice hometown feel...

Planning on a Paladin at the moment.


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I'm interested....never read any of the shackled ctiy stuff....
Only thing is that I have never played in a play by post game....


No you don't need to know anything about greyhawk. I think Cauldron was made for this adventure. Everything yo need to know about Cauldron is in the adventure. I will try and figure out a little preface for you.

See, I'd knew I would forget,

Alignment: Any non evil

Nadaka's looks nice, so we will go with that, unless someone else has a problem with it.

And Play by post gives a lot more chance for Roleplaying, although I have to warn you. The pace of a PbP game is slow, also, I tend to like to keep the game flowing, so if things start to slow down to much, I usually tend to get it bcak going again pretty quick.

Also, another I thing I should mention is that I will make the passive rolls for you, such as Listen, Spot, Sense Motive, search checks, and Knowledge checks. Anything that would be automatic preaty much. This will save time so we don't have to wait for everyone to post Listen and Spot checks when I ask for them. But if you guys declare that you want to make a check, say so and make the roll.

So if in a conversation with an NPC, and you want to either make a Diplomacy, Bluff, or Intimidate check, you can make it.

I will also suggest a Balanced Party, I always feel better when the party is balanced, although don't let this discourage you from playing a character you want to play. Play whatever you would like to play.

Oh and when doing stat rolls, use this for a name:

GMF-SC <user name>

Later, you can change the user name to character name.


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I have no ideal what I will be playing, but my rolls are under gmf-sc Rapida.

15 (5,4,1,5) (reroll 1 for another 5)
17 (2,6,1,6) (reroll 1 for a 5)
13 (6,4,3,3)
15 (6,5,4,4)
18 (6,6,6,3)
16 (6,1,4,5) (reroll 1 for another 5)

I used Nadaka's dice box. So confirm the legality of those rolls and I will be thinking about a character. I'm pretty sure I don't want to be the arcane caster.


My rolls on nadaka:


No 1's in the bunch so no re-rolls. ID is GMF-SC derbacher

I'm working on the palidin now.


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I don't know much about this shackled city, could you give me any info on it? I have some info in my dragon magazines (which i've not read), should I read those to get some ideal or is that stuff i shouldnt know. I'm not sure what my character will be until i know more about what everyone else is playing and more about the shackled city


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Ok...rolls under the dicebox name gmf-sc Blastin:
17 (with a reroll of a one)
14 (with a reroll of a one)
11 (with a reroll of a one)
If no one else wants to be the bandaid I'll play a crusading cleric of Hierionius (or however it's spelled)


I'm in the process of figuring what is worht knowing about Cauldron.

I guess one of the big things is that it is a City that rests on a dormant Volcano.

Main temples in the area are St. Cuthbert, Pelor, Kord, and Wee Jas. Other temples are there as well.


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Blastin- Cleric
Rapida- I would preferably play a bard but I could play a cleric. I prefer not to play a wizard because thats what I am playing in another game.
Catavarie- Rogue
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So I'm thinking that I will be the quentisential Rogue for the group, because well every group needs one :D
my rolls from nadaka are as follows:

11 ----2,2,1,1 (4,5 after rerolls)
17 ----6,2,5,6
14 ----2,2,6,6
13 ----2,5,4,4
12 ----3,5,2,4
13 ----5,3,1,3 (5 after reroll)

EDIT --- Will play ranger, monk, fighter, or Barbarian if necessary
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I will email to everyone a map of cauldron, with a key, mainly because I don't think I should post it on the boards due to it not being open game.

I will also put down a quick description of each place.

and some other info about Cauldon.

So I will need emails for those who want in.

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