A CDC mystery, budding romance and body horror out on the Louisiana Bayou!


I know many people don't get DC Streaming but The Swamp Thing has risen up from the tangled morass streaming obscurity and I got to see the pilot - its the very best DC show on yet, and feels a lot more adult and well crafted than the other options.

Interestingly for me the show pilot focuses on Dr Abby Arcane, updated as a leading CDC Doctor amd manages to introduce the themes, characters and tone of the show without dragging things out before getting to the 'origin story' - I'm looking forward to how the rest of it goes ...


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I'm seeing reports that despite critical acclaim the show has just been cancelled. Am confused.


I'm seeing reports that despite critical acclaim the show has just been cancelled. Am confused.
It's a funding thing, apparently. The State of North Carolina was supposed to put up thirty-something million in tax rebates for the production, whose total budget for the season was around $80M. During production The State said, "Whoops! Paperwork error. Here's $14M instead." That's one story. Another is that the production expected the same support for the series as they got for the pilot episode, which wasn't the case. Either way the production became to expensive to sustain at that quality.


Its really sad that the show has been sunk by an accounting error. The production values were really high so I can see where the cost overrun has occurred. Nonetheless it does appear to be more evidence that Warner Media's back office is really bad at handling the DC business overall.
Swamp Thing really looked to be the show that would finally make their streaming service a worthwhile investment of consumer spending money, without it theres still nothing really to attract a wider audience.

if only WB would sell the show to Netflix and hopefully make money on the reruns
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The accounting error story from NC is almost certainly bogus. If it weren’t, rhe producers would be filing a lawsuit. The terms of the grant would have been very clear when they applied for it, as well as the limits in the amounts they could even have applied for. Besides, $40 million seems to be about $9 million more than the film grant program’s annual budget. There’s no way NC offered $40 million.


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The most confusing thing about the show is it was slotted for 13 episodes. Was cut to 10 while filming #8 or #9. Then cancelled before the first episode even was aired.

Does DC and everyone involved WANT it to fail?