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The Washington Post is reporting on the situation now

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But... All Things Considered airs at 4 PM Eastern.

NPR's morning news show is Morning Edition, and airs 5 AM to 9 AM Eastern.

Codega is on All Things Considered tomorrow. I don't know NPR's program schedule. I thought "morning" was said in an interview with roll for combat earlier today, but I may be mistaken.

Its just been announced that WaPos Launcher, which is the source of this coverage, is shutting down.

Big, er, Toy must have gotten to them.
Or maybe it's that the feature was so poorly promoted that despite being a subscriber with an interest in its subject matter I wasn't aware it existed nor did I even quickly find it when I saw it's cancellation mentioned at the end of an article on WaPo downsizing.

But at the real heart of its problem I suspect that association with traditional media does not give a publication the imprimatur of authority on video games. WaPo game reviews just don't carry much weight with gamers. It is too bad, in as much as they are potentially much better than your typical gaming outlet at the investigative reporting side of gaming news.

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