5E The Way of Battle (Bo9S inspired)

I've been working on a translation of the 3.5e Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords for 5e as I've yet to see a decent version of it converted.

The Champion

The Champion is one with combat, living in and exploiting the flow. Normally driven by a cause (sometimes their own self-aggrandizement), champions recover their abilities automatically but never have them all available at once; combat is far too unpredictable for that. As currently planned the Champion picks two ways and gets their abilities from there

The Provocator

Only a fool thinks that provocators are stupid; although many do a good impression of it, stupid provocators die fast. If you watch one carefully enough you might spot them take a couple of seconds (i.e. a standard action) to assess the situation, think how to progress, and recover their abilities. The Provocator picks three ways and gets their abilities from them

The Retiarius

The Retiarius has heard of the idea of a fair fight, but wants none of it. After all the consequences for losing are large and they are frequently up against bigger foes. In fact avoiding actual fighting might be the best approach, but if you have to fight make sure you win. It normally doesn't take particularly eagle eyes to spot a retiarius repacking their utility belt, re-synthesising and reapplying their poisons, or otherwise checking their tricks when the group breaks for a short rest. The Retiarius picks four ways

Ways of Battle

Each way has a stance and a number of abilities associated with it, mostly attacks and buffs - and many of them are class-locked. There are also stances; you can pick a default stance that you are in whenever you expect trouble and you change stances as a bonus action; you can also change weapons when you change stance. Some of them I have are:
  • The way of the Poisoner (Ret) - The way of the poisoner is all about poisons, all of which are given a set use out of combat as well as when applied.
  • The way of the Gadgeteer (Ret) - Batman's Utility Belt. Including the Bat-grapnel. And maybe Bat-Shark-Repellant.
  • The way of the Pyromaniac (Ret) - Burning, bombs, flashbangs, possible thermite.
  • The way of Shadows (Ret) - Ninja, borderline or even overt uses of shadow, half way to shadow monk
  • The Unnoticed Way (Ret, Prov) - Roguelike, disengages, bluffs, sneak attack and boosts to get advantage.
  • The way of the Avalanche (Cha, Prov) - Charges, pushes, conditional saving throw boosts
  • The way of the Bow (Ret, Prov) - Green Arrow style archery/trickery (rather than rangers firing as fast as possible)
  • The way of the Dancing Flames (Ret, Prov, Cha) - This is not at all the way of the Pyromaniac; the pyro is all about the bombs, this is blades flashing in the sunlight and literally rather than metaphorically dancing with fire
  • The way of the Bird (Ret, Prov, Cha) - charambara leaping combat. Or leaping out of combat - that works too
  • The way of the Mountain (Prov, Cha) - Not moving, and not letting anyone else pass
  • The way of the Guardian (Prov, Cha) - 4e Fighteresque with either the stance or the first power being "Eyes on me, Sunshine" and clobbering someone who either attacks someone else or casts a spell that doesn't either target you or them
  • The way of the Dedicat (Prov, Cha) - Drifting into Paladin or Warlord territory here including an ability that lends someone spend a maximised hit dice if they can interact with you (meaning touch range if on 0hp)
  • The way of the Enlightened (Ret, Prov, Cha) - both study the target and willpower effects.
  • The Way of the Flock (Cha, Prov, Ret) Battlefield commander, warlord and White Raven tricks to either dogpile or turn over your attacks and hit the enemy with the barbarian
I'm not going for anything even vaguely like Setting Sun (I do not want grapple rules)

At this point it's getting my thoughts down on paper on in print - but does anyone have thoughts about this project? Or even that I'm reinventing the wheel and there's already a good Bo9S translation?