D&D 5E The Weather Outside is Frightful: Chilly D&D Resources!

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Chilling monsters, cool subclasses, dangerous encounters in the frigid wastes, and a cold-hearted adventure for DnD 5E!

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The land is buried under snow and ice. It is beautiful, pristine, and still. Too still...

Bring the cold chill of winter to your D&D games with this 30-page softcover book!

  • 4 chilly subclasses for barbarians, monks, and warlocks!
  • 7 undead monsters who hide in the obscuring ice and snow, and chilling foes to astound your players!
  • Challenge your players with 5 frosty encounters such as avalanches, frozen bridges, mammoth warriors, winter riders, and wolves!
  • And on a dark, snowy night, there comes a dream of lust, blood, and a girl with a heart of winter--an 11-page adventure for characters of 4th level!

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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