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The "Welcome Newbies" stickie to show you where to get started.


There's a list of what's "in stock" at the Mystic Pearl. Post yourself going to purchase there. All mundane equipment is available. Anything else you check what's in stock.

If something isn't in stock, and it's less than 16,000 gold (assuming you're in Venza), you have a 75% chance of finding it in stock. Use the dice roller and post your results in your "shopping" post. You must do this for every iteration of the item you purchase. (i.e want 2 potions not in stock, roll twice and show your rolls).

If it's greater than that, or if your roll comes up not in stock, you can commission the item. It takes 1 day per 1000 gp of the price to create the item, and you have to wait that many real days (or 3 RL days for every 1 in game day? Someone can clarify that) before you get the item.

You can sell everything at the Pearl for full price.

Hope that was helpful.

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First Post
For magic or special material items you have a 75% chance that they are available if they are less than 16,000 gp. So, in the Mystic Pearl thread you roll (or link a roll) a d100. If you get 75% or less then the item is available for purchase.