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There's a new update for Game Master Journal, the free Campaign journal/organizer!


A while back I released a free android app: Game Master Journal. This app helps DM's (Or players) keep track of important campaign information like NPC's, Cities, Loot, and more.

The locations page, used to track things like buildings, shops, landmarks, etc., is now it's own independent page. You'll be able to access it from the main page of the app, as well as create City-independent locations. Previously every location had to be tied to a City, but that's no longer the case. In addition, you'll be able to sort through the locations by it's containing City, or lack thereof.

I've also added some visual customization options. You're now able to change the names of the main pages to whatever you'd like, you can change the main button colors, as well as change the colors of the information boxes located within the pages.

The next update I plan on working on will be a randomizer for various pages, that will allow you to generate a random NPC, City, or Item rather than having to manually create all the information yourself, in case you just want something on the fly.

Check out the app here!

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