Critical Role There's another Critical Role book coming

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I assume most people who are not into CR simply haven't noticed yet, and it's also a book that's quite easy to ignore. Pretty sure that eventually people will show up and complain (because this is the Internet), but most are probably already setting their minds on the next hype caused by vague teases from WotC (and the subsequent disappointment).


Limit Break Dancing
It was announced on the Critical Role livestream last night, and the Twitch commentators sounded pretty excited. It sounded like an interesting read. I'll probably pick it up eventually, but I didn't feel a powerful urge to preorder it right away.


Scruffy and Determined
It’ll be interesting to see whether a CR-only book sells as well as a D&D/CR book. If it does, it will say a lot about the relative branding.
hmm that is a fair point, though I feel like "look at all this cool setting info and art about a world you like" gets more attention than book full of interviews, especially in our current age of social media.

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