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Thirdkingdom FRPG Player's Handbook is done


Hello everybody,
The Third Kingdom Player's Handbook is done and ready for playtesting. The .pdf can be downloaded for free at Third Kingdom Games - Home. I will also be making print copies free to the first 30 respondents willing to playtest (sorry, US only).
The system is mechanically simple and somewhat similar to the Unisystem. It uses only d10s in combination with Attribute scores, skill Ranks, and other modifiers. Damage is determine by attack Challenges, so no more rolling well to-hit and miserably for damage.
The setting is one where magic, in the form of plasm, permeates the world. All characters have the potential to manipulate this magical energy to one degree or another, whether it be to cast spells, sense nearby threats, bind an animal species (familiar), etc.
If anyone is interested the link again is Third Kingdom Games - Home



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