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ZEITGEIST Thoughts on converting Zeitgeist to PF2

The last time I checked, EN World had no plans for such a conversion - no idea if that's changed, but I do have one starter idea for anyone who wants to. It's a simple idea and probably not unique to me, but I'm throwing it out here anyway.

Rebuild the Themes and their prestige classes as Archetypes. Use the Free Archetype rule from Gamemastery Guide page 194, with the following alterations: each character gets the first free feat slot at level 1, and must use this to take a Zeitgeist Theme Archetype Dedication (which, unlike normal dedications, will have a minimum level requirement of 1). Further free archetype slots come at every odd level and are reserved for the chosen Theme. This Theme does not count against other Archetype Dedications. You may take another ZGTAD with your regular feat slots, but that counts as a normal dedication for purposes of multiple archetypes.

This spreads the themes and prestige class abilities over the entire 1-20 level climb, and potentially allows for more variation (as most PF2 archetypes have multiple feats at certain levels, and the prerequisites for these feats are often only the dedication feat, with few chains). It might be best if there wind up being a lot of feats in each archetype to restrict the starter theme to using only the free archetype feat slots, I don't know, my game design chops are minimal.

As the GMG says, this should make characters slightly more flexible but not overpowered if done well.
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Check through the forum and I believe you'll find a few folks working on a conversion project. You might want to reach out to them.

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