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Thread Game: Change/Add/Subtract a Letter, Ruin a D&D Creature

Like the title says. Change one letter, add one letter, or subtract one letter to ruin a D&D monster!


Some examples:

Orcus => Porcus
Demogorgon => Depogorgon
Asmodeus => Asmopeus​

Post yours in the comments!
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Hobgoblin → Sobgoblin (poor dear)
Hobgoblin → Hobogoblin (another poor feller who's down on his luck)
Giant Ant → Giant Aunt (the reason we built a bigger guest bedroom)
Doppleganger → Dopplegander (a male goose who can shapeshift to look just like you, and then throttles you mercilessly)
Pit Fiend → Pith Fiend (a devil made of the soft, spongy inner tissue of vascular plants)
Dragon / Dragonne → Dragonn (when a dragon and dragonne mates. Nearly indistinguishable.)
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Bugbear → Busbear (a bear that is encountered on public transport)
Carrion Crawler → Carrion Trawler (the aquatic version that uses nets)
Dire Wolf → Dice Wolf (It eats the dice you've lost)
Flesh Golem → Flash Golem (a REALLY fast golem)
Gas Spore → Gag Spore (looks like a Beholder, is really a "whoopee cushion")
Gelatinous cube → Gelatinous Cub (a young bear made of jelly)

Sphanx - Minor demon that hides under the skirts of other demons.
Fun Gus - A guy who's great at parties.
Phantom Fun Gus - That guy that everyone says is awesome, but never seems to arrive. As in, "We waited hours for Gus, Tino, and Godot, but they never showed".
Why Vern - Why you gotta do your old buddy Ernest like that? What did I ever do to you, Vern?
Svirfneblin - This one is so obvious I don't know why no one else posted it yet.


Staff member
Rust Monster => Rush Monster (it does NOT have time for your BS!)

Phoenix => Phonenix (destroyer of telecommunications)

Umber Hulk => Ember Hulk (They are the firestarters)

Umber Hulk => Amber Hulk (petrified translucent lightweight and flammable animated resin creatures that sometimes contain the remains of their victims)

Owlbear => Awlbear (they’re using tools!)
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Cloud Giant => Loud Giant (you thought the Fife Giants were noisy? HA!)

Sprite => Spite (do NOT get on their bad side)

Rust Monster => Bust monster (they eat statuary. Yes they do.)

Modron => Moodron (maintainers of the bovine hierarchy)

Minotaur => Winotaur (creatures who lurk in the maze like warehouses of wine merchants)

Minotaur => Minotour (cattle-headed humanoids who feel compelled to wander the world; often claustrophobic)

Gynosphynx => Gyrosphinx (guardian creatures who challenge those before them to eat a tasty sandwich before passing...or DIE!)


Staff member
Ogre Mage => Ogre Made (created by piratkng tinker gnome designs, these are comically crude but dangerous constructs)

Phase Spider => Phaser Spider (PEW! PEW!)

Phase Spider => Phrase Spider (Giant arachnids with disarmingly pithy battle slogans)

Mobat => Mocat (giant black cats of the Underdark)

Stone Giant => Stoner Giant (Duuuuuuuuuuuude...)

Roper => Groper (don’t hold near them, just report them to HR)

Beholder => Bebolder (beholderkin whose magic eye beams make their prey dangerously reckless)
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Joshua Randall

Azer = Gazer (they like to watch) //
or... Blazer (it’s legal in some States) (and yes that’s 2 letters)

Banshee = Bansheet (when you don’t do your laundry for too long, this is what happens)

Bullywug = Bullypug (a cute dog that picks on people)

Carrion Crawler = Carrion Trawler (a dingy ship trying to find decaying flesh - what’s the big deal?)

Catoblepas = Fatobelpas (they prefer to be called Oblepas Of Size)

Centaur = Mentaur (look up, look down, I’m on a horse)

Cockatrice= Rockatrice (because weird hybrid creatures ROCK)

Demilich = Hemilich (makes the truck run better, bruh)

Dinosaurs = Finosaurs (roving giant lizards that impose monetary penalties on everyone they meet)

Displacer Beast = Displacer Feast (just when you think you’re about to dig into a delicious meal, psyche! It’s on another table)

Fire Elemental = Fyre Elemental (he’d rather not talk about the entire fiasco)

Gargoyle = Margoyle (like a regular gargoyle, but made of MAGMA! Wait that’s a real monster I think)

Hags = Bags (that’s a pretty insulting term for old ladies!)

Lizardfolk = Wizardfolk (you know, Gandalf, Harry Potter, Doctor Strange...)

Mind Flayer = Hind Flayer (if you’ve ever had deer eat your garden plants you’ll know how these guys feel)

Mummies = Gummies (available in bear, worm, and other animal shapes)

Night Hag = Night Nag (they REALLY don’t like when you make noise after curfew)

Purple Worm = Purple Word (one of Prince’s lesser known songs taken monstrous form)

Roper = Groper (a monster who won’t keep his hands to himself)

Treant = Truant (they’re supposed to be in school but instead they’re roaming the forests getting into trouble)

Unicorn = Uniporn (oh dear... at least they are consistent in their tastes)

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