Thursday Is Pathfinder 2E Day Here On EN World

Tomorrow (Thursday, August 1st) is Pathfinder 2nd Edition's big release day, and it will be Pathfinder 2E day right here at EN World, too. Here are our plans for reviews, podcasts, and supplemental support!

We have TWO big reviews of the game, one massive one (about 7K words!) from our Pathfinder columnist Ben Reece, and one fairly big one from me.

We have a 90 minute (I think - depends what the final edit is) podcast episode where Peter and I talk about the new game.

And TRAILseeker relaunches with Pathfinder 2E content! We have 8 supplements already prepared, and will be releasing four of them tomorrow!

Tomorrow is most definitely a Pathfinder day!

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Russ Morrissey



For some reason I thought the 2nd was release day. The waiting is over tomorrow? Thank the gods. I am ready. A seven thousand work review sounds pretty impressive though, ha.


Will be getting my pdf tomorrow as soon as the site lets me. If I like what I see there, I'll definitely be checking out TRAILseeker. Sounds like a fun day indeed!


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