D&D 5E Til Death Do Us Part Includes 4 Adventures With Heart For 5E

Are you looking for adventures to put in your 5E games that tug at your players' heart strings? This 35-page softcover book includes four adventures and a plug-in event suitable for characters to play through as they level up throughout a campaign, including village suffering from a magical 'summer of love', a charismatic vagabond's indiscreet past catching up with him, a hopelessly infatuated spirit of winter, and more!


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Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
Please don't compare this crowdfund to your others and assume it's the platform. To be honest, I'm much more likely to back this because it's adventures; and also because the one on IGG was pirates and I hate pirates. I'm of course only one data point of many but just wanted to throw that out there @Morrus

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Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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