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Time For Another Round Of Iron Dm!!!

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Moderator Emeritus
Just read them thru once each - so judging will now commence - as I look at them more closely and tabulate the results. . .


Once A Fool
nemmerle said:
Earth Elemental
Magic Key
Holy Ground

Wha...hey! I've seen those ingredients before, somewhere...

Anyway, I'm ready to go anytime.

Oh, and good luck, everyone!


Moderator Emeritus
When it comes right down to it, both entries had some obvious weaknesses.

Arcseed’s set up was simply poor. It seems to assume that the party is not only going to seek out this chapel with the healing dirt, but that they spend the night there and then not simply kill all the ghouls and move on.

While RG’s would have us believe that crazed kuo-toa necromancer would bother making deals with some human rogue - and hinges the party discovering the main encounter section (the underwater fortress) on that one hole in the verisimilitude.

However, despite this RG’s scenario has the most strengths in the setting up of the adventure – while one would hope that in a fleshed out adventure RG would pay more attention to the town and what it is like, and how the rogue’s are organized – the scenario does give the impression of a seedy run-down port town of rogues and cut-throats and poor fishermen. I think adventures that have the PCs have to interact with “locals” for information are good because they all the players to associate information with specific people and thus are likely to remember it better.

I think both entries did not do enough with the earth elemental ingredient. It seemed an after-thought in Arcseed’s and an XP machine in RG’s.

Yet, RG’s use of a skeletal whale was a clever and original idea that was superior to Arcssed’s cliché “nameless evil” He also linked up the ingredients better by making the ghouls lacedons

In the end, I award this round to Radiating Gnome. His entry showed a good bare-bones for what could be an excellent adventure with a variety of elements including the use of social skills (to gather info in the town) to nautical skills (boating and tracking) to melee.
The motivation of the PCs might have been made stronger by presenting this as a special mission for a cleric or Paladin of Pelor.

Arcseed’s excavation lent his scenario the air of a Lovecraftian tale, with the unearthed and chained skeleton (nice image!), but in general did not seem to blend the elements together well, and had a weak motivation.

So, Radiating Gnome advances.

Arcseed thank you for playing and I hope to see you next time we play. . .


So, we still have:

Joshua Dyal
Wulf Ratbane
and Ninjajester

Radiating Gnome will not get his next round until the other three preliminary rounds are done. I should be around from 8:30 AM EST tomorrow – so please post if you are ready to get going. . .

We have one alternate so far – if the day begins to wane tomorrow without one of the original players showing up and an alternate is around I will be taking them for the sake of expediency.


First Post
Congrats RG.

Unfortunately, I just couldn't come up with very good ways of connecting the 'holy ground' neat idea with the skeleton image, and elementals just don't do it for me. :)

Be fun seeing the rest of the contest.

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