D&D 5E Tiny Servant: any cool ideas?

Arial Black

I'm making a clockwork soul sorcerer for a heist one-shot. Level 5, Extended Spell metamagic.

I want to cast this and other 8 hour duration spells (Aid, Gift of Alacrity) using Extended Spell to make them last 16 hours, then long rest, so I wake up with full spell slots and sorcery points while having 8 hours use of these spells.

I've got two tiny servants. What cool stuff can I do with them, especially for a heist?

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Dusty Dragon
P.S. - that blog post has a link to another ENworld discussion on the issue :)

In a game I'm running, a wizard gave the party a hand by casting tiny servant and then dragon's breath on it, before they headed in the dungeon. It was also carrying a healing potion to act as a field medic, but the spell expired before that was necessary.


Follower of the Way
You'll want tiny servants that would blend in. Where are you heisting? What could you send into there that would go unnoticed, so long as the extra limbs weren't too obvious?

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